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Neumann Equipment is a Division of Neumann Contractors

Neumann Equipment is a leading Australian manufacturer of customer-specific industrial solutions. Neumann Equipment and its associated businesses have over 50 years of experience manufacturing specialised equipment used in Dredging, Winching and Cable Handling applications. Our team of experienced experts design, manufacture and test all of our industry-leading range of equipment in house.

All Neumann Equipment products are proudly manufactured in Australia and designed with durability and reliability in mind. The highest industry standards design all systems, and we strive to provide solutions for our customers that will meet their requirements and expectations.

Neumann Group - Head Office in Currumbin, on the Gold Coast
Neumann Group - Head Office in Currumbin, on the Gold Coast
Products and Services - Neumann Equipment

High Quality Products and Services

Our Products and Services include:

    • Industrial Hoisting and Hauling Winches,
    • Hydraulic Power Packs,
    • Cable Handling Equipment,
    • Oceanographic Winches,
    • Dredges, Dredge Cutters and Booster Pumps,
    • Repairs, Maintenance, Refurbishment & Spare Parts,
    • Mechanical Engineering Services.
Alfred Neumann 1888-1976
Alfred Neumann 1888-1976


Founders: Alfred and Kathleen Neumann.
Family Members: Robert, Margaret, John, Peter and Bruce.

Alfred Neumann moved to the Gold Coast from Laidley in South East Queensland in 1922.  As a cabinet maker and builder, he eked out meagre living building homes for locals before his entrepreneurial aptitude became apparent.  In 1948 Alfred and his eldest son Robert established their first company, Pacific Minerals, a sand mining and mineral processing company that produced rutile and zircon.  This Company continues to operate today under the name of Currumbin Minerals.

Neumann Contractors - The Beginnings...

In the early fifties, Robert, Margaret, John, Peter, and Bruce continued to follow in their parent’s footsteps by building primitive dredging equipment that supplied sand to the concrete industry and the Little Nerang Dam Project.  This initiative founded Currumbin Sand and Gravel and Neumann Dredging Company (now known as Neumann Contractors).

Neumann Contractors has the following business units:

First Dredge Built in the Early 1950's
Early Dredge Built in the Early 1950's
Alfred Neumann on a Construction Site
Alfred Neumann on a Construction Site

Growing Demands - Growing Businesses

Complementing the original companies, Nucon Concrete and Nucrush Quarries commenced operations to service the growing demands from the construction industry.  In conjunction with the ever-increasing demand for concrete, the family zealously researched construction products and market opportunities, which led them to explore the reinforced steel industry in Europe. 

Returning to Australia, the family built their own reinforced steel plant in its current location at Currumbin.  To this day, construction projects all around Australia utilise Neumann Steel products such as Ribmesh and Ribwire.

Market Opportunities

The companies River Sands and Neumann Developments continued to identify market opportunities and commenced operations.  River Sands manufactures filter sands, coloured oxides, pre-bagged concrete and distribute these products worldwide. Neumann Developments provides quality land sub-divisions throughout Queensland.

The Neumann companies have helped shape the Gold Coast.  Over many years they have constructed hundreds of kilometres of canal developments, established quarries and provided concrete and rock products to varied industry groups.  This foresight and vertical integration ensure the successful expansion and ongoing success of the Neumann Group of Companies.

Sand Processing Plant Circa 1950's
Sand Processing Plant Circa 1950's
Old Neumann Sign
Old Neumann Sign

Future Success

The family’s entrepreneurial spirit continues as many 3rd generation family members guide and employ this family group.

The Neumann Family believes the success of the Neumann Group is due to:

  • The Emphasis placed on Innovation,
  • The Expansion of Product Ranges, and,
  • The Quality and Dedication of its Employees.

Quality Management System

Quality Icon

Neumann Equipment has a comprehensive Quality Management System in place that fully conforms to AS/ANZ ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems. 

Our experienced team can tailor this system to each project we undertake to ensure quality products and always meet our client’s standards and project specifications.

This is achieved through our detailed planning, implementation, testing and review processes which enable our team to consistently demonstrate a high level of quality on all our manufacturing projects.

AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015
Neumann Equipment’s
Quality Management Systems
is certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015
accredited by Sci Qual International.
100% Australian Owned


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