Cable Drum Stands

Cable Drum Stands

Neumann Equipment manufactures a range of Cable Drum Stand units designed to hold electrical cable reels. A bolt together style for 0.5, 1 and 5 tonne drum capacity, and a fabricated style for the 12 and 20 tonne drum capacity.

The 0.5, 1 and 5 tonne units have the advantage of being dissembled to save on transport and storage.

1,5, 12 & 20 Tonne Cable Drum Stands include:


Range of "Standard" Cable Drum Stands available: (other sizes/designs are available upon request)

500kg Cable Drum Stand CDST500 Drawing
1 Tonne Cable Drum Stand - Standard Base CDST1000-S Drawing
1 Tonne Cable Drum Stand - Standard Base with Brake CDST1000-SB Drawing
1 Tonne Cable Drum Stand - Forked Base CDST1000-F Drawing
1 Tonne Cable Drum Stand - Forked Base with Brake CDST1000-FB Drawing
Optional Forked Base for 1 Tonne Cable Drum Stand CDST1000-FX Drawing
Optional Brake for 1 Tonne Cable Drum Stand CDST1000-BX Drawing
5 Tonne Cable Drum Stand - Standard Base CDST5000-S Drawing
5 Tonne Cable Drum Stand - Standard Base with Brake CDST5000-SB Drawing
5 Tonne Cable Drum Stand - Forked Base CDST5000-F Drawing
5 Tonne Cable Drum Stand - Forked Base with Brake CDST5000-FB Drawing
Optional Forked Base for 5 Tonne Cable Drum Stand CDST5000-FX Drawing
Optional Brake for 5 Tonne Cable Drum Stand CDST5000-BX Drawing
12 Tonne Cable Drum Stand CDST12000 Drawing
12 Tonne Cable Drum Stand with Brake CDST12000-B Drawing
20 Tonne Cable Drum Stand CDST20000 Drawing
20 Tonne Cable Drum Stand with Brake CDST2000-B Drawing

Specifications - 500kg Cable Drum Stands (Bolted Together Version)

Model NumberCDST500
Type (Bolted or Welded)Bolted
Maximum Capacity500kg
Suits Drum Widths350-800mm
Maximum Drum Diameter850mm
Spindle Shaft Diameter33.4mm
Suits Drum Core Sizes34mm+
Height to CL Shaft450mm

Specifications - 1 Tonne Cable Drum Stands (Bolted Together Version)

Model NumberCDST1000-SCDST1000-SBCDST1000-FCDST1000-FB
Type (Bolted or Welded)BoltedBoltedBoltedBolted
Maximum Capacity1,000kg1,000kg1,000kg1,000kg
Suit Drum Widths600-900mm600-900mm600-900mm600-900mm
Maximum Drum Diameter1,300mm1,300mm1,300mm1,300mm
Spindle Shaft Size45mm45mm45mm45mm
Suit Drum Core Sizes55-120mm55-120mm55-120mm55-120mm
Type of BaseStandardStandardForked BaseForked Base
Brake FittedNoYesNoYes
Height (CL of Shaft)744mm744mm944mm944mm

Specifications - 5 Tonne Cable Drum Stands (Bolted Together Version)

Model NumberCDST5000-SCDST5000-SBCDST5000-FCDST5000-FB
Type (Bolted or Welded)BoltedBoltedBoltedBolted
Maximum Capacity5,000kg5,000kg5,000kg5,000kg
Suit Drum Widths900-1,250mm900-1,250mm900-1,250mm900-1,250mm
Maximum Drum Diameter2,050mm2,050mm2,050mm2,050mm
Spindle Shaft Size80mm80mm80mm80mm
Suit Drum Core Sizes95-120mm95-120mm95-120mm95-120mm
Type of BaseStandardStandardForked BaseForked Base
Brake FittedNoYesNoYes
Height (CL of Shaft)1,168mm1,168mm1,368mm1,368mm

Specifications - Welded Cable Drum Stands

Model NumberCDST12000CDST12000-BCDST20000CDST20000-B
Type (Bolted or Welded)WeldedWeldedWeldedWelded
Maximum Capacity12,000kg12,000kg20,000kg20,000kg
Suit Drum Widths1,500-2,000mm1,500-1,960mm1,400-2,030mm1,400-1,960mm
Maximum Drum Diameter3,100mm3,100mm3,200mm3,200mm
Spindle Shaft Size120mm120mm120mm120mm
Suit Drum Core Sizes140mm140mm140mm140mm
Type of BaseStandardStandardForked BaseForked Base
Brake FittedNoYesNoYes
Height (CL of Shaft)1,878mm1,878mm1,942mm1,942mm

More Information...

Cable Drums/Cable Reels

A cable reel is a round, drum-shaped object such as a spool used to carry various types of electrical wires.  Cable reels, which can also be termed as drums, have been used for many years to transport electric cables, fiber optic cables and wire products.  Cable reels usually come in four different types, each with their own uses: wood, plywood, plastic and steel.

Wooden Drums

Wooden drums come in three different varieties: steel-tyred for multiple use, export for sending abroad, and one-way drums for single trip use. Wooden drums can carry heavy loads and are constructed in resinous wood.

Discarded wooden reels can often be obtained cheaply and are, owing to their shape, commonly used as furniture (usually coffee tables) for college students and others seeking inexpensive furnishings.

Plywood Drums/Reels

Plywood reels are used for transporting lighter loads and are a cheaper alternative to other types of drums, used extensively in the building industry and by commercial electricians. Often made of birch or poplar ply, they are both strong and light-weight. In normal situations, plywood reels are used only once and then destroyed.

Plastic Drums/Reels

Often manufactured from recycled plastic, these reels are environmentally friendly and used for lighter weight cables.

Steel Drums/Reels

Nowadays the steel drums have replaced the orthodox wooden drums in the cable and wire industry, but mainly in the offshore industry. Steel drums are normally welded as a fixed drums, but collapsible steel drums do also exist. The steel reels/drums are manufactured in an eco-friendly manner and are more durable than wooden drums, but to a significant higher cost. These steel reels are not as easily stolen. The off shore industry today prefers steel reels/drums instead of wooden or plywood or plastic reels/drums, but the traditional land based industry preferred wooden drums due to lower cost. The steel reels can be loaded with a different range cables and wires from the most heavy cables to the lightest wires. So it can be said to be multipurpose reel.

Neumann Equipment Cable Drum Stands/Cable Reel Stands

Neumann Equipment's range of high quality cable drum stands are designed by qualified engineers to perform well in a range of cable handling applications.

Cable drums stands are essential to allow for proper handing of large cable drums.  Cable drum stands allow for a safe efficient way to spool cable on construction sites. Our cable drum stands have been designed in house by qualified mechanical engineers using FEA Computer modelling software. This is then checked by third parties to ensure these products comply with all relevant specifications and meet the applicable Australian Standards.

We have two styles of Cable Drum Stands: Bolted together type or welded types.

Bolted Together Style of Cable Drum Stand

Our new design of lightweight cable drum stand can be easily assembled or disassembled.  This allows for cheaper transportation costs.  There are several options for each weight range: standard base or forked base, and optional brake add-on.  If you have bought a standard unit the forked base extra can be added to the existing standard cable drum stand.  The same goes for the brake, it fits to the standard cable drum stands

Welded Cable Drum Stand

Welded cable drum stands are the more conventional way that cable drum stands are manufactured. 

When purchasing a cable drum stand or any other winch or piece of cable handling equipment, you can feel confident in Neumann Equipment designed and manufactured products. From the design stage though to the dispatch, our internal Quality Assurance Systems fully comply with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008.

Neumann Equipment also has an extensive range of other Marine Winches and Equipment,  Commercial Fishing WinchesMining and Industrial Winches & Equipment, and Dredging & Associated Equipment available for sale.

Each Cable Drum Stand is designed and manufactured at the Neumann Equipment facility in Currumbin, on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Contact our experienced Sales, Service and Spare Parts team to discuss your cable drum stand or other cable handling requirements.

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The images, drawings and specifications shown for this product are indicative and may not be representative of the current model. We reserve the right to change the designs and specifications as new models are developed. Neumann Equipment is constantly striving to improve its range of products. Call our expert sales and customer service team to discuss the best product to suit your needs.