Diesel Hydraulic Winches

Neumann Equipment manufactures a range of Self-Contained Diesel Hydraulic Winch Units of 4, 6 and 10 Tonne line pulls. They are specifically designed for the Hire and Utility Industries that require transportable winches for a variety of applications.

The self-contained winch unit package consists of a:

These self-contained winching units offer both high and low winching speeds. All models can be optioned with wire feeders indexed to suit each wire rope diameter and can monitor line tension and distance by LED screen. Data logging is also available.

The skid base comes with forklift tyne slots and centre lifting post for ease of handling. They also incorporate mounting holes and tie down points around the perimeter to allow these units to be adequately secured.

All units comply with Australian Standards and are factory acceptance tested and certified by third party inspectors.

All Diesel Hydraulic Winches include:

Options include:

Download Datasheets, Brochures and Drawings:

Self-Contained Diesel Hydraulic Winch - Data Sheet

Self-Contained Diesel Hydraulic Winch - Full Product Brochure

4 Tonne Line Pull Diesel Hydraulic Winch DHW4000 Drawing
6 Tonne Line Pull Diesel Hydraulic Winch (shown with optional out front wire feeder) DHW6000 Drawing
10 Tonne Line Pull Diesel Hydraulic Winch (shown with optional Archimedes screw wire feeder) DHW10000 Drawing


Diesel Hydraulic WinchesDHW4000DHW6000DHW10000
Nominated Winch Line Pull (tonne)4610
Drum Size & Rope Capacity   
  Bare Drum Diameter (mm)406508610
  Cheek Diameter (mm)8001,0001,200
  Drum Width (mm)1,0001,0001,000
  Freeboard on drum when full (mm)505050
  Maximum Rope Diameter (mm)162024
  Maximum Length (m)1,0001,0001,000
Maximum Line Pull   
  Low Speed Selected   
    At Top Layer (kg)4,0006,00010,000
    At Bottom Layer (kg)6,6359,96316,719
  High Speed Selected   
    At Top Layer (kg)2,0004,0005,000
    At Bottom Layer (kg)3,3176,6428,359
Maximum Drum RPM   
  Low Speed Selected (rpm)1086
  High Speed Selected (rpm)201212
Maximum Line Speed   
   Low Speed Selected   
    At Top Layer (m/min)21.922.120
    At Bottom Layer (m/min)13.313.312
  High Speed Selected   
    At Top Layer (m/min)43.833.140
    At Bottom Layer (m/min)26.619.924
  Failsafe within Gearbox (Yes/No)YesYesYes
Recom. Power Unit   
  Engine Power (kW)253238
  Hydraulic Pump Size (cc)182845

 Special Features and Options:

Pendant Control

All winch units feature an easy to use, tethered pendant control, which gives you versatility, reliability and increased productivity. Compared to conventional lever operated manual control systems, pendant controls provide many benefits:

Base Frame

Each Base Frame features:

Winch Spooling Systems Options

The spooling systems are designed to reduce the fleet angle of the wire rope and to increase the efficiency of spooling wire onto the drum as well as improve wire rope life. The spooling system options are:

Capstan Options

To increase the versatility of the Diesel Hydraulic Winch range the winches may be fitted with Capstan Drums, which enable operational staff to pull rope external to the winch drum assembly. The inclusion of a capstan head onto the basic winch offers the following advantages:-

The additional benefits of handling rope as well as cable:-

Optional Capstan Tension and Distance Counter - By adding the additional sheave wheel assembly to the capstan the operational staff are able to monitor the rope tension, set a visual alarm for maximum tension and monitor the rope length pulled. This feature can be seen on the image below.

Capstan Sizes: All optional capstans are 200m diameter waist size.

Tension & Distance Monitoring Options

The electronic data logging and counters are only available with the out front cylinder, Archimedes screw wire guide options and capstan monitoring option.

Neumann Equipment's range of high quality products are designed by qualified engineers to perform and excel in a range of mining and industrial applications.

The design and engineering of all our winch units is carried out in house by qualified mechanical engineers using our FEA Computer modelling software. This is then checked by third parties to ensure these products comply with all relevant specifications and meet the applicable Australian Standards.

When purchasing Self Contained Diesel Hydraulic Winches, you can feel confident in Neumann Equipment designed and manufactured products. From the design stage though to the dispatch, our internal Quality Assurance Systems fully comply with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008.  All products are designed and manufactured at our facility in Currumbin, on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

When you are next in the market for a quality Self Contained Diesel Hydraulic Winch you cannot go past our range of Australian designed and manufactured products.

Neumann Equipment also has an extensive range of other Marine Winches and EquipmentCommercial Fishing Winches, Mining and Industrial Winches & Equipment, and Dredging & Associated Equipment available for sale.

If you have any questions regarding our Diesel Hydraulic Winch Contact our experienced Sales, Service and Spare Parts team to discuss your requirements.

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The images, drawings and specifications shown for this product are indicative and may not be representative of the current model. We reserve the right to change the designs and specifications as new models are developed. Neumann Equipment is constantly striving to improve its range of products. Call our expert sales and customer service team to discuss the best product to suit your needs.