Platypus C Series CSD

Neumann Equipment manufactures the full range of Jaden/Rockcrush Platypus C Series Cutter Suction Dredges.

The Platypus C Series Cutter Suction Dredge range has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of the mining industry. These units operate under very harsh conditions and are structurally reinforced to allow relocation of the dredger from slurry and settling ponds onto the surrounding hard rock embankments.

The Platypus C Series dredger units are available in two different frame sizes; 1,200 and 1,500, and input power ranges from 100 kW to 600 kW.

The bottom hull plate on the pontoons are twice as thick as that of the standard dredge to prevent damage by sharp objects. The design is a three-piece modular dredge, with each module being easily transportable. The design enables quick dismantling and assembly for transportation. The assembled unit may also be transported short distances on a low bed vehicle.

Traditional keel cooling has been removed from the Platypus C Series reducing the risk of damage to cooling tubes during skid removal of the dredgers from ponds. Cooling of the main engine and hydraulic oils are achieved through air coolers fitted in the engine room.

A range of different Jaden Dredge Cutter Heads are available for these dredges.

The Platypus C Series range offers management further cost benefits through operational staff number reductions. Being a fully computerised electro/hydraulic control system with radio telemetry communication and controls, management have access to data recording and reports on daily/hourly operational achievements.

Underlying Design Principles:

Platypus C Series Cutter Suction Dredge range includes:

Platypus C200
200mm Platypus C200 Drawing
Platypus C250
250mm Platypus C250 Drawing
Platypus C300
300mm Platypus C300 Drawing


Length – LOA (m)
Width (m)
Depth – Side Pontoons (m)
Dry Weight (tonnes)304390
Cutting Depth (m)46.515
Fuel Capacity (litres)10,00010,00010,000
Frame Size Options (mm)1,2001,200 - 1,5001,500
CAT Engine Options (or equivalent)C9 or C18C18 or C27C18 or C27
Slurry Pump Options (mm)200/150250/200300/250
Cutter Options (Series)S30HD - S60S30HD - S60S60HD - S120

Neumann Equipment is a leading Australian Dredge Manufacturer, and is known worldwide in the sand and mineral extraction industries for manufacturing well-engineered dependable dredges. Neumann Equipment have been manufacturing dredges and support equipment since the late 1950's. These dredges are high technology cutting and recovery machines with a well-earned reputation for performance and reliability in capital works marine dredging and in mining and resource dredging. Operational expertise built on contract dredging experience enables us to constantly improve our equipment. This culture of innovation gives us the edge as dredge manufacturer of choice.

Neumann Equipment also manufacture the Rockcrush and Jaden range of dredges and booster pumps. This includes well reknown Rockcrush A Series and C Series dredges as well as the Jaden Platypus Series cutter suction dredging equipment and components. All our dredges are de-mountable and can be cost effectively transported to remote sites around Australia and overseas, and all the equipment is manufactured to provide maximum ease of handling and reliability with a focus on high production efficiencies and low maintenance costs.

Neumann Equipment's comprehensive dredging range of economical, compact and trouble-free units are at the leading edge of dredging equipment technology today!

Neumann Equipment also has an extensive range of other Marine Winches and EquipmentCommercial Fishing Winches, Mining and Industrial Winches & Equipment, and Dredging & Associated Equipment available for sale.

The Neumann Equipment facility is located in Currumbin, on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

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The images, drawings and specifications shown for this product are indicative and may not be representative of the current model. We reserve the right to change the designs and specifications as new models are developed. Neumann Equipment is constantly striving to improve its range of products. Call our expert sales and customer service team to discuss the best product to suit your needs.