Diesel Hydraulic Triple Winch Unit

Tower Inspection Winch

Specialised Winches for Tower Inspections

American company Tower Inspection approached Neumann Equipment to provide certified materials lifting winch built following “Industry Best Practice” safety standards for use by the Commonwealth for maintenance and inspection of communications and transmission towers. 

Neumann Equipment provided a fully self-contained diesel hydraulic system capable of a combined winch line pull of up to 10 Tonne simultaneously for use on towers up to 365m high. In addition, our experienced team integrated the system with significant safety measures such as overwind, overload, overspeed and continuous hydraulic monitoring to meet “Industry Best Practice” globally. 

The system will be used for the next six months at the Harold E Holt communication station before being shipped to the USA for use by Tower Inspection.  All design and manufacturing were completed in house by Neumann Contractors and completed in under 12 weeks from order.

If you have any questions regarding our new self-contained diesel-hydraulic triple winch unit, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced staff on 07 5589 9746.

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