Used Jaden Platypus 200 CSD for Sale

Used Jaden Platypus 200 CSD for Sale


Jaden Platypus 200mm Cutter Suction Dredge

Neumann Equipment currently have a used Jaden Platypus cutter suction dredge for sale. In its current configuration it has a Warman 8/6 Slurry Pump, a Jaden S30 HD cutter and is powered by a CAT 3208 diesel engine.

The dredge can be sold as is, or it can be overhauled/upgraded to specifically meet your dredging requirements. Please see the specs below, or download the pdf.

The Jaden Platypus is a solidly built dredge designed for tough conditions and was built by Jaden Engineering. Neumann Equipment own the intellectual property rights for entire Jaden dredge and winch ranges. The dredge would be ideal for use in dredging sand, tailings etc...

Neumann Equipment has a full manufacturing and service & repairs workshop and can overhaul and/or upgrade the dredge to suit your conditions and pumping requirements.

Current Configuration shown below, various upgrades available!

Description Details
Dredge Model Jaden Platypus
Length - Hull 10.21 m
Length - Overall 14.81 m
Width 4.20 m
Manoeuvring Sytem 3 Wire System
Slurry Pump Size 200/150, or to suit
Suction Diameter 250 mm, or to suit
Discharge Pipeline Diameter 200 mm, or to suit
Diesel Engine CAT 3208, or to suit
Cutter Jaden S60 HD, or to suit
Cutter Power up to 50 kw
Maximum Digging Depth 6.5 m @ 45°

Cutter Suction Dredge For Sale

Cutter Suction Dredge For Sale

FOR SALE - Used Dredge

The dredge was originally manufactured by Neumann Equipment back in the late 1980's and has seen many years of productive sand dredging at a sand quarry. Due to the sand pit reaching the end of its life, the dredge was offered up for sale by a well known multinational construction material company. Neumann Equipment was quick to purchase this dredge as it has been well maintained and has many more years of life left in it.

It is 350mm Cutter Suction Dredge capable of comfortably dredging up to 350 Tonne per hour. The dredge is a bucketwheel cutter dredge with 110kW of power at the bucketwheel. The dredge is perfect for sand mining operations or works involving the pumping of sand, muds or silts. Please see the specs below, or download the pdf.

The dredge can be refurbiished and if necessary, customised to meet will your requirements. For further esquires, please contact Neumann Equipment.

Vessel TypeBucketwheel Cutter Suction Dredge
Length X Width19.5m X 8.4m
Dredge ModelNeumann Dredge Series 350
Owners NameNeumann Contractors
ManufacturerNeumann Equipment
Ladder Pump Size350/300mm (14/12)
Deck Pump Size350/300mm (14/12)
Suction Pipeline Diameterup to 350mm
Delivery Pipeline Diameterup to 350mm
Main Diesel EngineCAT 3412TA
Auxiliary Diesel EngineCAT 3406TA
Bucketwheel Cutter Power110kW @ 175bar
Maximum Digging Depth15m
Spuds and Spud CarriageFitted
Anchor BoomsFitted
Neumann Equipment - Leading Australian Winch Manufacturer

Neumann Equipment - Leading Australian Winch Manufacturer

Manufacturer of High Quality Winches for the Marine, Commercial Fishing and Mining Industries 

Neumann Equipment is a leading Australian Winch Manufacturer.  The Neumann Equipment’s range of Winches is based on years of experience dealing with, and being directly involved with end users of this equipment. 

The design and engineering of all our Winches is carried out in house by qualified mechanical engineers using FEA Computer modelling software. This is checked by third parties to ensure these products comply with all relevant specifications and Australian Standards.

Neumann Equipment Manufactures Winches and Equipment for the following Industries:

Marine EquipmentCommercial Fishing EquipmentMining and Industrial EquipmentDredging Equipment
Marine IndustryCommercial Fishing IndustryMining and IndustrialDredging Industry
Marine Industry Product CatalogueCommercial Fishing Industry Product CatalogueMining and Industrial Product CatalogueDredging Industry Product Catalogue

Our Winches are Built Tough and Designed to Last!  You can feel confident in Neumann Equipment designed and manufactured products. From the design stage though to dispatch, our internal Quality Assurance Systems fully comply with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008.

Our production facility at Currumbin on the Gold Coast enables us to manufacture and test every winch, ensuring your new winch will provide reliable service in the harsh marine or industrial environment.

All winches are based on an Australian design and are manufactured using reliable quality components. The Neumann Equipment spare parts teams assure high quality after sales service on all out products.

Neumann Equipment also manufacture the full range of Rockcrush and Jaden winches and equipment.

For More information Call or Email Australia's Leading Winch Manufacturer today!

New Winch Design

New Winch Design

The Brand New Neumann Equipment Winch Design incorporates the tried and tested hydraulic drive components we have used in recent years, with the winch base and winch drum being modified with the aid of computer driven finite analysis programs. This enables the design engineer to change the original design from heavy fabricated profiles to shapes that are folded and bolted together.

The New Winch is lighter but stronger than the previous unit, this assists the designers, owners and operators in how these winches are mounted and used. This new design significantly reduces the price which makes it very attractive to the market.

Our New Design Winch range starts from 0.75 tonne up to 10 tonne top layer line pull, with 9 variants. 

The New Design applies to the following winches:

The standard winch drive is by means of a hydraulic motor directly coupled to a reduction hub which incorporates a multi-disc fail safe brake.  They are also available with an optional electric motor drive. 

Call today for the latest information regarding our new improved design, our expert sales and customer service team can advise you on the best product to suit your needs. 07 5589 2746



In October 2015 Neumann Contractors purchased the Rockcrush Intellectual Property.  We now operate as Neumann Equipment from Nuban Street in Currumbin, continuing to manufacture and service the products previously made by Rockcrush and Jaden Engineering as well as providing spare parts for equipment that has reliably served many industries for over 30 years.

Rockcrush Group History - 2009 to 2015

The Rockcrush Group purchased Jaden Engineering in January 2009; initially the core focus was to continue servicing the marinecommercial fishingmining & industrial, and dredging market segments supplying new winches and dredges, hydraulic power packs, repairing and refurbishing existing winch systems and supplying spare parts to all of the products that Jaden Engineering manufactured.

The Rockcrush management team had previous experience with associated fields such as cable handling, quarry machinery and machinery hire industries. The emphasis in the early years was to continue with the core business of Jaden Engineering and then develop a range of products to suit these new market segments. In late 2009 Rockcrush released a range of cable drum stands and cable drum spoolers followed by self-contained diesel hydraulic winches either with drum storage or capstan winch configurations. Also many quarry related products to process the products being delivered by many of the dredges Rockcrush manufactured, following on from dredge manufacturing, bucket wheel systems were designed and built up to 4 meters in diameter.

Neumann Equipment

Neumann Equipment continue to manufacture and service the products previously made by Rockcrush and Jaden Engineering, these products include:

Jaden Engineering

Jaden Engineering

Jaden Engineering History - 1984 to 2009

In the early 1980's, two young engineers working at  Neumann Contractors had an ambition to start an engineering business to service the marine and commercial fishing industry.  Australia had a huge demand to upgrade existing equipment and build a more advanced product. They took that step in the mid 1980’s and opened a business called Jaden Engineering based on the Gold Coast.

The Commercial Fishing Industry traditionally used tractor differentials to drive the  trawl winch equipment.  The hydraulic industry developed robust components coupled to reduction hubs that would replace the tractor diff technology giving fisherman and shipyards the flexibility to mount their Trawl winches in areas they could only dream of given the traditional means of driving their winches.

The business supplied a wide variety winches and equipment including;  TrawlTryCodendAnchorCapstan and Hauling Winches to various marine applications, from landing barges, vehicle carrying ferries, tug boats, large commercial vessels and off course fishing trawlers which they were known Australian wide for their reliable Jaden series fishing winches.  Jaden Engineering designed and built special purpose winches including oceanographic, geological, and crane winches as the market called for equipment to meet specific needs and purposes.


The business grew from strength to strength as marine shipyards nationally and internationally requested and recommended Jaden products.  They built several trawlers and even a 40 foot pleasure cruiser. Jaden designed and manufactured many cutter suction dredges for the local market as the demand for cutter suction dredges to maintain harbours and bays and canal estates become more popular.  Ultimately their fame in the dredging industry spread abroad, they received orders to supply their dredges to coal mines in Indonesia and to this day that demand is strong. Jaden dredgers can also be found in the USA, Fiji, New Zealand and even as far afield as Venezuela.

In the late 1990’s and into the late 2000’s when Jaden Engineering was taken over by Rockcrush the business enjoyed a strong manufacturing presence within the marine industry, as some of the earlier equipment came back for refurbishment; on completion going back onto their original mountings to return many years of reliable service to the owners and operators.  Simply speak with any commercial fisherman and they will tell you how good the Jaden trawl winches perform. 

Neumann Equipment

In October 2015 Neumann Contractors purchased the Rockcrush Intellectual Property.  We now operate as Neumann Equipment from Nuban Street in Currumbin, continuing to manufacture and service the products previously made by Rockcrush and Jaden Engineering as well as providing spare parts for equipment that has reliably served many industries for over 30 years.  These products include:

Handling Wire Rope Correctly

It is very important that the correct sized wire rope is used on your Neumann Equipment winch.  The diameter of the wire is generally specified for each winch application.  Consult your Operation and Maintenance Manual that was provided with your winch or call our helpful staff for assistance.

Measuring the Diameter of Wire Rope

Wire rope is most often described by its diameter.  The rope's diameter can be determined by measuring the circle that just touches the extreme outer limits of the strands of rope, as shown in the diagram below.  The diameter can be measured by using a pair of parallel-jawed callipers or machinist’s calliper square, as shown below.   A mistake could be made by measuring the smaller dimension.

Unreeling and Uncoiling your Wire Rope for use on your Winch

Unreeling Wire Rope from a Cable Drum - To unreel wire rope from a heavy wire rope drum, place a shaft through the centre and jack up the reel far enough to clear the floor and revolve easily. We have several sizes of Cable Drum Stands that can be used for this purpose. This is a two person operation, the first person takes the end of the rope and walks away from the reel, taking the wire rope off the top of the reel. The second person needs to control the speed of the turning cable drum by holding a wood block against the flange as a brake, (or by using the brake mechanism on the Cable Drum Stands). Care must be taken to stop slack rope developing on the reel, which can cause kinks in the wire rope. Lightweight cable drums can be unreeled using a vertical shaft, but the same care must be taken to keep the wire rope taut.

Care must be taken when unreeling wire rope to avoid throwing off turns or spiral in which kinks could occur. The wire rope should never be handled in a way that twists or unlays the the wire rope.

Uncoiling a Wire Rope - There is only one correct way to uncoil wire rope. Again, it is a two person job, whereby the first person holds the end of the rope, while the second person rolls the coil along the floor, backing away. The rope must be allowed to uncoil naturally with the lay, without spiralling or twisting. Always uncoil wire rope as shown below.

Never uncoil wire rope by pulling coils off a coil that is laid flat on the ground.  Doing this will create spirals and likely kinking of the rope. Torsions are put into the rope by every loop that is pulled off, and the rope becomes twisted and unmanageable. Please note that wire rope cannot be uncoiled like hemp rope. Pulling one end through the middle of the coil will only result in kinking.

Avoiding Kinks in Wire Ropes - It is extremely important to take care in avoiding kinking your wire rope. Kinks are places where the rope has been unintentionally bent to a permanent set. This often happens when loops are pulled through by tension on the rope until the diameter of the loop is only a few centimetres. They can also be caused by bending a rope around a sheave having too severe a radius. Wires in the strands at the kink are permanently damaged and will not give normal service, even after apparent "re-straightening."

Winding Wire Rope onto a Winch Drum from a Cable Drum

When you are winding new wire rope unto your winch drum it should bend in the manner in which it was originally wound.  This will avoid causing a reverse bend in the rope.  Always wind wire rope from the top of the one reel onto the top of the other, as shown below.  It is also acceptable to re-reeling from the bottom of one reel to the bottom of another.  Re-reeling may also be done with reels having their shafts vertical, but extreme care must be taken to ensure that the rope always remains taut. It should never be allowed to drop below the lower flange of the reel.  A reel resting on the floor with its axis horizontal may also be rolled along the floor to unreel the rope.

Wire rope should be attached at the correct location on a flat or smooth-faced drum, so that the rope will spool evenly, with the turns lying snugly against each other in even layers.  If wire rope is wound on a smooth-face drum in the wrong direction, the turns in the first layer of rope will tend to spread apart on the drum.  This results in the second layer of rope wedging between the open coils, crushing and flattening the rope as successive layers are spooled.

A simple method of determining how a wire rope should be started on a drum is shown above. The observer stands behind the drum, with the rope coming towards him. Using the right hand for right-lay wire rope, and the left hand for left lay wire rope, the clenched fist denotes the drum, the extended index finger the oncoming rope.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding installing new wire rope to your Neumann Equipment Winch please contact our experienced staff on 07 5589 2746.

Download a Printable Version of  Handling Wire Rope Correctly.pdf

Leading Australian Dredge Manufacturer

Leading Australian Dredge Manufacturer

Manufacturer of High Quality Dredges and Dredging Equipment since 1950's

Neumann Equipment is a leading Australian Dredge Manufacturer.  They known worldwide in the sand and mineral extraction industries for manufacturing well-engineered, dependable cutter suction dredges and dredging equipment.  Neumann Equipment have been manufacturing dredges and supporting equipment since the late 1950's.  These dredges are high technology cutting and recovery machines with a well-earned reputation for performance and reliability in capital works marine dredging and in mining and resource dredging.  Operational expertise built on contract dredging experience enables us to constantly improve our equipment. This culture of innovation gives us the edge as dredge manufacturer of choice.

Nu Explorer Series of Cutter Suction Dredges

Platypus C Series Cutter Suction Dredges

Nu Explorer Series of Cutter Suction DredgesPlatypus C Series Cutter Suction Dredges

The design and engineering of all our Dredging Equipment is carried out in house by qualified mechanical engineers using our FEA Computer modelling software.  This is checked by third parties to ensure these products comply with all relevant specifications and meet the applicable Australian Standards.

When purchasing Dredging Equipment, you can feel confident in Neumann Equipment designed and manufactured products.  From the design stage though to the dispatch, our internal Quality Assurance Systems fully comply with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008.

Visit our Dredging Equipment Page or Download of latest Dredging Product Catalogue.

Each item of equipment is designed and manufactured at our facility in Currumbin, on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Neumann Equipment also manufacture the Rockcrush and Jaden range of dredges and booster pumps.  This includes well renowned Rockcrush A Series and C Series dredges as well as the Jaden Platypus Series cutter suction dredging equipment and components. 

When you are next in the market for quality Dredging Equipment you cannot go past our range of Australian designed and manufactured products. 

Contact Neumann Equipment, the leading Australian Dredge Manufacturer's experienced Sales, Service and Spare Parts team to discuss your requirements.

Neumann Equipment extends its Range of Products

Neumann Equipment Acquires the Intellectual Property of Rockcrush and Jaden Range of Equipment

Neumann Equipment(A Division of Neumann Contractors Pty Ltd) acquired the Intellectual Property of Rockcrush IP Pty Ltd in 2015.  The Rockcrush IP includes the rights to manufacture and sell all of the former Rockcrush and Jaden Dredge, Winch and Cable Handling range of equipment.

Neumann Contractors Pty Ltd is a multi-faceted industrial business incorporating: Dredging, Equipment Manufacturing, Steel Fabrication, Abrasive Blasting, Industrial Coatings, Sand Supply and Civil Construction.  Neumann Contractors Pty Ltd is based on the Gold Coast, Australia and forms part of the Neumann Group of Companies. The Company has more than 50 years’ experience in specialised Contract Dredging and Dredge and Equipment Manufacture.

The Rockcrush and Jaden range of products has been sold in Australia and overseas and is highly regarded in these markets for quality and reliability. The Rockcrush and Jaden range of products adds another dimension to the existing Neumann Equipment range of quality dredges and dredge equipment.

Neumann Equipment sales and service expertise has been boosted by Kevin Crombie joining our team as sales manager and by Allen Basson joining the team to provide sales administration and logistics capacity.

Neumann Equipment offices are located in Currumbin Queensland Australia, web, email, phone +61 7 5589 9275, fax +61 7 5589 9273.