Cutter Suction Dredge For Sale

Cutter Suction Dredge For Sale

FOR SALE - Used Dredge

The dredge was originally manufactured by Neumann Equipment back in the late 1980's and has seen many years of productive sand dredging at a sand quarry. Due to the sand pit reaching the end of its life, the dredge was offered up for sale by a well known multinational construction material company. Neumann Equipment was quick to purchase this dredge as it has been well maintained and has many more years of life left in it.

It is 350mm Cutter Suction Dredge capable of comfortably dredging up to 350 Tonne per hour. The dredge is a bucketwheel cutter dredge with 110kW of power at the bucketwheel. The dredge is perfect for sand mining operations or works involving the pumping of sand, muds or silts. Please see the specs below, or download the pdf.

The dredge can be refurbiished and if necessary, customised to meet will your requirements. For further esquires, please contact Neumann Equipment.

Vessel TypeBucketwheel Cutter Suction Dredge
Length X Width19.5m X 8.4m
Dredge ModelNeumann Dredge Series 350
Owners NameNeumann Contractors
ManufacturerNeumann Equipment
Ladder Pump Size350/300mm (14/12)
Deck Pump Size350/300mm (14/12)
Suction Pipeline Diameterup to 350mm
Delivery Pipeline Diameterup to 350mm
Main Diesel EngineCAT 3412TA
Auxiliary Diesel EngineCAT 3406TA
Bucketwheel Cutter Power110kW @ 175bar
Maximum Digging Depth15m
Spuds and Spud CarriageFitted
Anchor BoomsFitted