Jaden Engineering

Jaden Engineering

Jaden Engineering History - 1984 to 2009

In the early 1980's, two young engineers working at  Neumann Contractors had an ambition to start an engineering business to service the marine and commercial fishing industry.  Australia had a huge demand to upgrade existing equipment and build a more advanced product. They took that step in the mid 1980’s and opened a business called Jaden Engineering based on the Gold Coast.

The Commercial Fishing Industry traditionally used tractor differentials to drive the  trawl winch equipment.  The hydraulic industry developed robust components coupled to reduction hubs that would replace the tractor diff technology giving fisherman and shipyards the flexibility to mount their Trawl winches in areas they could only dream of given the traditional means of driving their winches.

The business supplied a wide variety winches and equipment including;  TrawlTryCodendAnchorCapstan and Hauling Winches to various marine applications, from landing barges, vehicle carrying ferries, tug boats, large commercial vessels and off course fishing trawlers which they were known Australian wide for their reliable Jaden series fishing winches.  Jaden Engineering designed and built special purpose winches including oceanographic, geological, and crane winches as the market called for equipment to meet specific needs and purposes.


The business grew from strength to strength as marine shipyards nationally and internationally requested and recommended Jaden products.  They built several trawlers and even a 40 foot pleasure cruiser. Jaden designed and manufactured many cutter suction dredges for the local market as the demand for cutter suction dredges to maintain harbours and bays and canal estates become more popular.  Ultimately their fame in the dredging industry spread abroad, they received orders to supply their dredges to coal mines in Indonesia and to this day that demand is strong. Jaden dredgers can also be found in the USA, Fiji, New Zealand and even as far afield as Venezuela.

In the late 1990’s and into the late 2000’s when Jaden Engineering was taken over by Rockcrush the business enjoyed a strong manufacturing presence within the marine industry, as some of the earlier equipment came back for refurbishment; on completion going back onto their original mountings to return many years of reliable service to the owners and operators.  Simply speak with any commercial fisherman and they will tell you how good the Jaden trawl winches perform. 

Neumann Equipment

In October 2015 Neumann Contractors purchased the Rockcrush Intellectual Property.  We now operate as Neumann Equipment from Nuban Street in Currumbin, continuing to manufacture and service the products previously made by Rockcrush and Jaden Engineering as well as providing spare parts for equipment that has reliably served many industries for over 30 years.  These products include: