General Purpose Winches

Neumann Equipment is a Leading Australian Manufacturer/Supplier of High-Quality General Purpose Hauling Winches.

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Hauling Winches

Our hauling winches are designed for commercial, industrial, and marine applications including: conveyer belt replacements, cable hauling, low loader recovery winch, dredge recovery, slipway winch and many more.

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Barge Winch

Multi-Purpose Winches

Neumann Equipment multi-purpose winch designs are suited to a wide range of applications, including but not limited to barges, ferries, commercial vessels, tugs, mining, and cable installation.

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We specialise in custom built sheaves to satisfy winching requirements that meet relevant marine/industry standards.

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Neumann Equipment 4 roller fairleads are designed and manufactured from high quality components for marine environmental conditions, providing years of dependable service

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General Purpose Winches

Neumann Equipment general purpose winches are based on standard designs based on years of experience, and have a proven track record.  All our general purpose winches are designed in house and manufactured using the highest quality components. Time and time again we have demonstrated our ability to provide innovative solutions and manufacture high quality general purpose winches to service a wide variety of industries.  We can also custom design winches to exactly meet your requirements.
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