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Towing Winches

Neumann Equipment towing winches are designed and manufactured from high quality components for marine environmental conditions, providing years of dependable service

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Tugger Winches

Neumann Equipment tugger winches can be either hydraulically or electrically driven and are designed to assist the crew to manipulate heavy pieces of off-shore towing equipment such as chain bridles, towing plates and large towing wire ropes used in ship handling work.

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Barge Winch

Barge Winches

Neumann Equipment barge winches are designed and manufactured from high quality components for marine environmental conditions, providing years of dependable service.

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Custom Oceanographic Winches

Neumann Equipment Oceanographic Winches are designed specifically for hydrographic mapping, research and exploration using sidescan sonar, ROV systems, marine magnetometers, sub-bottom profilers and drop camera systems.

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Dredge Winches

We specialise in winches used on dredgers and in dredging operations, which may include:
ladder lift winches, slew winches, tail winches, barge winches and positioning winches.

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We specialise in custom built sheaves to satisfy winching requirements that meet relevant marine/industry standards.

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Neumann Equipment 4 roller fairleads are designed and manufactured from high quality components for marine environmental conditions, providing years of dependable service

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Marine Winches

The Neumann Equipment’s range of Marine Winches is based on years of experience dealing with, and being directly involved with end users of this equipment.  The design and engineering for each Marine Winch is carried out in house by qualified mechanical engineers using FEA Computer modelling software.  When required, they  are checked by third parties to ensure the winch complies with all relevant specifications and Australian Standards.

Neumann Equipment also manufactures the complete range of Jaden and Rockcrush marine winches.

When purchasing a Marine Winch, you can feel confident in Neumann Equipment designed and manufactured products. From the design stage though to dispatch, our internal Quality Assurance Systems fully comply with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008. Material used in our standard range of Marine Winches is Grade 250 Carbon Steel, but upon request 316 Stainless Steel can be used as an option. Our Abrasive Blast and Industrial Coatings facility complies with Marine Protective Coating Standards and is adjacent to our manufacturing facilities, reducing transport and handling costs. Our clients can be assured that all manufacturing activities are managed in house with a single point of contact provided to ensure your build process is seamless and delivered as promised.

Neumann Equipment design and manufacture and comprehensive range of marine winch units, which include:

  • Windlass Anchor Marine Winches – Electric and hydraulic marine winch units suitable for use as anchor winches on a range of median sized ships, barges ferries, fishing vessels and tugs;
  • Capstan Winches – A range of vertically mounted electric or hydraulic marine capstan winch units. They can either be mounted on the wharf or on a vessel;
  • Mooring Winches – Electrical or hydraulic marine mooring winches in a variety of line pulls from 5 to 20 tonne;
  • Towing Winches – Heavy duty marine towing winches – 25 to 50 tonne line pull;
  • Tugger Winches – Neumann Equipment manufacture a range of tugger winch units to suit the marine industry;
  • Dredge Winches – 750kg to 4,000kg line pull marine dredge winch units to specifically suit dredging applications;
  • Barge Winches – Electric or hydraulic marine barge winches specially designed to suit your application;
  • Oceanographic Winches – The marine oceanographic winches are custom made to suit the customer’s requirements in either electric or hydraulic drive, with Archimedes screw type wire feeders;
  • Chain Jaws – Neumann Equipment manufactures marine chain jaws to suit 46 mm anchor chain;
  • Custom Marine Winches – We can custom design and manufacture marine winch units to exactly suit your application.

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