Dredge Booster Pumps

Dredge Booster Pump – Up to 600mm.


Dredge Booster Pumps
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Dredge Booster Pumps

Neumann Equipment manufactures a range of self-contained Booster Pump units for dredging operations. Standard sizes range from 150 up to 600mm. Our experienced team can make larger sizes to order.

Our dredging booster pump units are typically used for dredging. They are inserted between the dredge and the discharge point to increase the system’s overall capability to pump the product to greater heights and/or distances.

It is Critical that the Dredge Booster Pump:

  • Size matches that of the dredger pump.
  • It can accommodate the same size particle as the dredger pump.
  • Has at least the same size engine as that of the dredger pump.
  • Can accommodate the design pressure (head) required to pump the product to the discharge or next booster.
  • It can accommodate the same specific gravity of material as the dredger pump.

Standard Inclusions:

  • Caterpillar or Cummins Industrial Diesel Engines – We can change engines to suit different kW requirements or customer preferences.
  • Kensho engine controller.
  • Residential grade muffler.
  • Advance marine gearbox.
  • 24V fan-cooled transmission cooler
  • Warman or KSB GIW Slurry Pump – We can change slurry pump type to suit site-specific pumping requirements or customer preference.
  • Steel frame construction, durable aluminium composite external wall skin, 100mm weatherproof fixed louvres at canopy ends.
  • Sound conditioning – Insulation batts, perforated plate to internal walls and ceiling, door seals, residential muffler.
  • Removable steel roof.
  • 24V batteries.
  • Oil level sensors and alarms on engine and transmission.
  • Safety labelling throughout.
  • E-Stop in two locations.
  • Battery and starter isolators.
  • 2 x 9kg fire extinguishers.
  • Robust skid base with tow point and RPEQ certified lift lugs.
  • Electronic intake and discharge pressure gauges with protectors.
  • Internal and external LED work lights.
  • Guarding on all rotating parts.
  • All metal components are grit blasted and primed with two-pack epoxy primer and finished with heavy-duty two-pack epoxy polyamine marine coatings.

Available Options:

  • Density Gauge.
  • Flow Meter.
  • RTK/DGPS System.
  • PLC Systems.
  • Engine Management Systems.
  • Fire Suppression System.
  • Specific Safety Equipment.
  • Custom paintwork and labelling to suit owner or site requirements.

Only Quality Components are Used

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  One of our expert team members can give you advice.  Don’t hesitate to contact us, we ask you about your requirements and we will make sure you get the right booster pump to meet your needs.

Absolutely, All our dredge booster pumps have been FEA designed by qualified engineers, manufactured and then tested to meet the relevant industry & marine standards.  Not only that, we have over 60 years of contract dredging experience, where our booster pump designs have been perfected.

Absolutely, we ship our dredge booster pumps to anywhere in the world.

No, we don’t have them in stock.  But we do have our own dredging fleet and booster pumps, and you are certain to be able to see them in operation. Call or email to see if we have a model that will suit your requirements.

Neumann Equipment can provide you with a high-quality custom-made dredge booster pump to meet your needs. We have provided an extensive range of practical dredging solutions for many clients all around the globe.

The design and engineering of all our dredge booster pumps are carried out in house by qualified mechanical engineers using our FEA computer modelling software.

When purchasing a dredge booster pump, you can feel confident in Neumann Equipment designed and manufactured products. From the receipt of order though to the dispatch, our internal Quality Assurance Systems fully comply with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008.

All our dredging equipment is designed and manufactured at the Neumann Equipment facility in Currumbin, on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

When you are next in the market for anything relating to dredging you cannot go past the range of options we offer for our Australian designed and manufactured  products.

Contact our experienced Sales, Service and Spare Parts team to discuss your dredging equipment requirements.

Call or email us today to discuss your specific requirements

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Dredge Booster Pumps
Dredge Booster Pumps