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Hoisting, Lifting & Hauling Winches

High-Quality Heavy-Duty Electric or Hydraulic Hoist Winches, Lifting Winches and Hauling Winches.

Cable Handling equipment

Cable Handling & Hauling Equipment Specifically Designed Industrial Cable Hauling Contractors.


Self-Contained Electric, Diesel or Petrol Powered Hydraulic Power Packs to Suit a Range of Hydraulic Applications.

Oceanographic Winches

Specialised Custom Oceanographic Winches, Capable of Operation in Depths of up to 15,000 metres.


Dredges, Booster Pumps, Dredge Cutters, Winches and Supporting Equipment for the Dredging Industry.

In Stock

We keep a range of our most popular products in stock and ready for immediate delivery to any location.

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