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Some of Neumann Equipments Recent Projects

Oceanographic Winches

Neumann Equipment has designed and manufactured two special self-contained oceanographic winches for Sonartech.

Karearea Fishing Vessel Winches

Neumann Equipment designed and manufactured all the winches and associated equipment required on the Karearea fishing vessel.

300mm Cutter Suction Dredge

Neumann Equipment manufactured another Nu Explorer Series 300mm Cutter Suction Dredge for Neumann Dredging.

Tronox Dredge Booster Pump

Neumann Equipment manufactured a self-contained Booster Pump unit to assist with dredging operations for Tronox.

1 & 5-tonne Cable Drum Stands

Custom 1 and 5 Tonne Cable Drum Stands for a state-government-owned energy client. Streamlining operations in the energy sector.

ERA Positioning Winches

Neumann Equipment manufactured four diesel hydraulic winch units to position a discharge pontoon at a mine site in the Northern Territory.

Dredge Bucketwheel Replacement

Neumann Equipment manufactured a replacement dredge bucketwheel cutter for a large dredge working at a mine site in Victoria.

Jacks Diesel Hydraulic Winches

Neumann Equipment designed and manufactured diesel hydraulic winch units for Jacks Winches, a leading supplier of winching equipment.

Belle Banne 2, 6 & 10 Tonne Winches

Neumann Equipment have designed and manufactured several diesel hydraulic winches and electric winches for Belle Banne Conveyor Products.

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