ERA Positioning Winches


4 x 2T Diesel Hydraulic Winch Units for Energy Resources Australia

ERA contacted Neumann Equipment to design and manufacture four self-contained winch units to position a barge on a pond. The team onsite fitted the four winches with drag manifolds, ensuring tension is maintained on the winches as two are hauling out when positioning the barge on the pond. In addition, each winch was placed at diagonally opposite corners of the pond allowing two-axis location of the unpowered barge.

The onsite team fitted these winches with level wind systems to ensure that the Dyneema rope spooled onto the drum well at all times. Using distance and tension monitoring, the operator can constantly ensure that the line tension is within the rated capacity and determine how far to move the barge.

All sheaves and rollers are manufactured from high-quality engineering plastics that reduce the wear on the DyneemaThe onsite team rope. These ensure that expensive ropes are maintained in good condition.

The self-contained diesel-hydraulic power unit uses a load sensing pump and wireless pendant with integrated proportional hydraulic control to allow inching movements and up to 44 m/min line speed.

Model 2T DHWU
Line Speed 0 – 44 m/min.
Maximum Drum Speed 20 rpm
Max System Flow 59 L/min.
Engine Speed 3600 RPM
Input Power 26 kW Engine
Rated Line Pull 2 Tonnes
Rope Type 14mm Dyneema Rope ONLY
Drum Core Diameter 406mm Grooved Drum to suit 14mm Dyneema
Drum Width 1000mm
Cheekplate Diameter 750mm
Drum Capacity 1,000 metres of 14mm Dyneema Rope

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