Jacks Diesel Hydraulic Winches


2 and 6 Tonne Winch Units for Jacks Winches

The following winching units were custom-designed for Jacks Winches to add to their vast winch hire fleet of equipment. The Neumann Equipment provided winches allow Belle Banne to pull up to 1000m of conveyor belt using a fully integrated electro-hydraulic power pack and winch unit.

These units were specifically designed with custom-wound electric motors to suit the 480V/60Hz use in Africa. Using Soft Starters, we can ensure that startup current is reduced and fatigue on the hydraulic pumps is managed.

Our 6T units are designed with two-speed control allowing accurate speed management while feeding onto the drum. In addition, the smaller 2T unit has integrated freewheeling capabilities to allow the rope to be pulled out manually from the drum.

Both systems are provided with custom-designed control systems and pendants, allowing plug and play control for the customer. Before leaving our facility, they undergo a complete commissioning test, ensuring that they meet the customer’s specifications.


Model Number 2T EWU 6T DHWU
Rated Line Pull 2,000kg 6,000kg
Maximum Line Speed 20m/min 33m/min
Drum Width 585mm 1,000mm
Bare Dum Diameter 180mm 508mm
Cheek Plate Diameter 431mm 994mm
Rope Diameter/Type 10mm/Dyneema 20mm/Wire
Drum Capacity 2,000kg 1,000m
Gearbox Bonfig A703 GFT36
Drive Motor Type Electric Hydraulic
   Motor 11kW Teco 3 Phase A2FE90
Integrated Powerpack Not Applicable Yes
   Engine N/A Cat C2.2
   Pump N/A 28cc
Weight (excluding rope) 730kg 5,340kg

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