Used Jaden Platypus 200 CSD for Sale

Used Jaden Platypus 200 CSD for Sale


Jaden Platypus 200mm Cutter Suction Dredge

Neumann Equipment currently have a used Jaden Platypus cutter suction dredge for sale. In its current configuration it has a Warman 8/6 Slurry Pump, a Jaden S30 HD cutter and is powered by a CAT 3208 diesel engine.

The dredge can be sold as is, or it can be overhauled/upgraded to specifically meet your dredging requirements. Please see the specs below, or download the pdf.

The Jaden Platypus is a solidly built dredge designed for tough conditions and was built by Jaden Engineering. Neumann Equipment own the intellectual property rights for entire Jaden dredge and winch ranges. The dredge would be ideal for use in dredging sand, tailings etc...

Neumann Equipment has a full manufacturing and service & repairs workshop and can overhaul and/or upgrade the dredge to suit your conditions and pumping requirements.

Current Configuration shown below, various upgrades available!

Description Details
Dredge Model Jaden Platypus
Length - Hull 10.21 m
Length - Overall 14.81 m
Width 4.20 m
Manoeuvring Sytem 3 Wire System
Slurry Pump Size 200/150, or to suit
Suction Diameter 250 mm, or to suit
Discharge Pipeline Diameter 200 mm, or to suit
Diesel Engine CAT 3208, or to suit
Cutter Jaden S60 HD, or to suit
Cutter Power up to 50 kw
Maximum Digging Depth 6.5 m @ 45°