Self-Contained Hydraulic Power Pack Units – Over 18.5kW

Versatile and robust self-contained hydraulic power packs over 18.5kW for various industrial applications.

Built Tough, Designed to Last!

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Self-Contained Hydraulic Power Pack Units

Reliable and Efficient Self-Contained Hydraulic Powerpack Units – Experience Unmatched Performance and Durability

At Neumann Equipment, we take immense pride in manufacturing a wide range of self-contained hydraulic powerpack units that are reliable and highly efficient.  When powering your machinery, we understand that performance and durability are paramount.  That’s why our power packs are meticulously crafted using top-quality components, ensuring they deliver long-lasting performance that you can rely on.

Versatile Powerpack Units for Various Applications

Whether you require a diesel or electric-powered unit, our powerpacks are designed to cater to your specific needs.  Each powerpack unit has a carefully selected diesel engine or 3-phase electric motor tailored to suit your hydraulic flow requirements.  Our units go beyond the ordinary, providing versatility to power a wide range of equipment.  From winches, cylinders, and motors to conveyors, drill rigs, trommels, and even centre-pivot irrigation systems, our powerpacks have you covered.

Uncompromising Quality Assurance for Dependable Performance

At Neumann Equipment, we understand the critical importance of quality assurance in hydraulic power pack units.  That’s why our powerpacks undergo rigorous in-house testing and are meticulously designed by our team of qualified hydraulic specialists before they reach your hands.  Our commitment to excellence ensures that each powerpack unit meets the highest performance, durability, and reliability standards.  With Neumann Equipment, you can trust that our powerpacks will serve you faithfully for many years across any application.

Powering Heavy Machinery and Ensuring Operational Success

Whether you need to power heavy machinery or require a consistent source of hydraulic power for your operations, Neumann Equipment is your trusted partner.  Our robust and resilient powerpack units are purpose-built to withstand the most demanding challenges, providing you with the unwavering performance you need to get the job done.  With Neumann Equipment by your side, you can confidently tackle any task, knowing that our powerpacks are designed to endure and excel.  Experience the difference and empower your operations with Neumann Equipment.

Standard Inclusions:

    • Diesel engine or electric motor,
    • Diesel engine management control panel (diesel engine),
    • Diesel fuel tank with sight gauges (diesel engine),
    • Hydraulic oil tank designed to suit pump capacity,
    • Proportional directional control valve,
    • Return oil filter,
    • Airblast hydraulic oil cooler,
    • Electrical control system to suit either diesel or electrical power,
    • Bulkhead hydraulic fittings allow connection from the unit to various applications,
    • Fully lockable cabinet,
    • Power isolation lockout switch,
    • Soft starter (electric motor),
    • All metal components are grit blasted, primed with two-pack epoxy primer, and finished with heavy-duty, two-pack epoxy polyamine industrial coatings.

Available Options:

    • Custom designed unit to suit your specific capacity and application requirements,
    • Noise reduction package,
    • Bunded base,
    • Custom designed hydraulic manifold to suit a range of actuators,
    • Wireless pendant control.
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Hydraulic Power Pack Units

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At Neumann Equipment, we are committed to delivering the latest and most innovative products to our valued customers.  While our website’s images, drawings, and specifications may not depict the most current models or configurations, we want you to know that we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

We reserve the right to modify our designs and specifications as we continue to develop new models that are even better than before.  We aim to provide you with the best product to suit your needs and exceed your expectations.

If you’re not sure which product is right for you, don’t worry.  Our expert sales and customer service team is here to help.  We’ll take the time to understand your requirements and recommend the best solution to meet your unique needs.

So, whether you’re looking for the latest technology, the most reliable equipment, or exceptional customer service, you can count on Neumann Equipment to deliver.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Self-contained hydraulic power packs are compact units that house all necessary components within a single enclosure, including a hydraulic pump, motor, reservoir, control valves, and filters.  They provide hydraulic power to operate various equipment and machinery.

The power output range of self-contained hydraulic power packs over 18.5kW typically starts from 18.5 kilowatts and can go upward depending on the application’s specific requirements.

Some advantages include high power output, versatility in powering various equipment, compact design, ease of installation, and the ability to withstand harsh operating conditions.

Yes, these power packs are specifically designed for heavy-duty applications and can provide the necessary hydraulic force for demanding industrial tasks.

Yes, self-contained hydraulic power packs over 18.5kW are available in both diesel and electric power options, allowing you to choose the most suitable power source for your specific needs.

The choice between diesel and electric power depends on factors such as the availability of power supply, environmental considerations, noise requirements, operating conditions, and maintenance preferences.  It is important to consider these factors and consult with experts to make an informed decision.

Important safety features include pressure relief valves to prevent overloads, temperature sensors to detect overheating, emergency shut-off devices for quick power disconnection, and proper filtration systems to maintain hydraulic fluid integrity.

The frequency of maintenance depends on various factors, such as operating conditions, usage intensity, and manufacturer recommendations.  Regular inspections, filter replacements, and adherence to maintenance schedules are essential to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Yes, many manufacturers offer customisation options to tailor the power packs to meet specific application requirements.  This may include modifications to power output, control systems, mounting options, and additional features.

The environmental impact depends on the power source chosen.  Electric power packs have minimal emissions at the point of use, making them more environmentally friendly compared to diesel power packs.  However, both options can be optimised for efficiency and incorporate eco-friendly practices, such as utilising renewable energy sources or adhering to emission regulations.

At Neumann Equipment, we specialize in providing tailored hydraulic power pack solutions to meet your unique needs. Our self-contained power packs are built to deliver efficient and reliable performance in a wide range of applications.

But that's not all. We've also earned a reputation for delivering practical dredging solutions that have helped clients all over the world tackle their toughest challenges. Our team of experts has the experience and expertise to design, build, and deploy dredging equipment that is customized to your specific needs.

Whether you're looking for a powerful hydraulic power pack or need a custom dredging solution, Neumann Equipment is here to help. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

At Neumann Equipment, we take pride in designing and engineering our hydraulic power packs in-house.  Our team of qualified mechanical engineers uses FEA computer modelling software to ensure that our products are reliable and efficient and meet the highest standards of quality.

When you purchase a hydraulic power pack from Neumann Equipment, you can rest assured that you’re getting a product that has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards.  Our internal Quality Assurance Systems comply fully with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008, ensuring that our products meet your expectations every time.

Our power packs are designed and manufactured at our state-of-the-art Currumbin facility on the beautiful Gold Coast of Queensland.  Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering the best possible product and service to our customers.

So, when you’re in the market for a hydraulic power pack, look no further than Neumann Equipment.  We offer a range of Australian-designed and manufactured options to meet your needs, and our Sales, Service, and Spare Parts team is always ready to help you find the perfect solution for your hydraulic equipment requirements.  Contact us today to learn more.

Articles about Self-Contained Hydraulic Powerpacks:

Hydraulic powerpacks are essential components that power hydraulic plant and equipment, including winches, cylinders, motors, conveyors, drill rigs, trommels, and centre pivot irrigation.  Neumann Equipment, a leading manufacturer based on the Gold Coast, offers self-contained hydraulic powerpacks that can be powered by either a diesel engine or an electric motor.  In this essay, we will delve into the design and manufacture of Neumann Equipment’s hydraulic powerpacks, exploring their features and benefits and the quality assurance measures in place to ensure their durability and dependability.


Neumann Equipment’s hydraulic powerpacks are designed in-house by qualified mechanical engineers using FEA computer modelling software.  The powerpacks are designed to be self-contained, meaning that all components, including the engine or motor, hydraulic pump, oil tank, and control valves, are integrated into a single unit.  The design ensures the powerpacks are compact and easy to transport and install.

The hydraulic flow of the powerpacks is selected to suit the specific application, and the units are manufactured from high-quality components.  Neumann Equipment also offers customized powerpacks to meet the unique needs of its clients.  Whether you need a power pack for marine, mining, or construction applications, Neumann Equipment has a solution.


Neumann Equipment’s hydraulic powerpacks are manufactured at their facility in Currumbin, on the Gold Coast, Queensland.  The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, including CNC machines, lathes, and milling machines, to ensure precision manufacturing.

The powerpacks are available in a range of sizes and power ratings, and the choice of a diesel engine or electric motor allows for flexibility in powering hydraulic equipment in different environments.  Neumann Equipment’s powerpacks are built tough to withstand the harsh conditions of the mining, marine, and construction industries.

Quality Assurance:

Neumann Equipment takes quality assurance seriously and has implemented strict measures to ensure the durability and dependability of its hydraulic powerpacks.  Before delivery, all powerpack units undergo in-house testing and design by qualified hydraulic specialists.  The internal Quality Assurance Systems fully comply with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Neumann Equipment also offers after-sales service and support to its clients, including maintenance and spare parts.  The company’s experienced Sales, Service, and Spare Parts team are available to discuss hydraulic powerpack equipment requirements, and their knowledge and expertise ensure that clients receive the right product for their needs.


Neumann Equipment’s self-contained hydraulic powerpacks, powered by either a diesel engine or electric motor, are designed and manufactured to meet clients’ specific needs in the mining, marine, and construction industries.  The powerpacks are built tough and designed to last, with high-quality components and precision manufacturing ensuring their durability and dependability.  Neumann Equipment’s commitment to quality assurance and after-sales support makes them the go-to choice for hydraulic powerpacks.

Self-contained hydraulic powerpacks are essential for powering hydraulic machinery and plant equipment.  They are used in various industries, including construction, mining, agriculture, and marine.  This essay will discuss the many applications of self-contained hydraulic powerpacks.

  1. Winches: Self-contained hydraulic powerpacks are widely used in the winch industry.  Winches are used for pulling, lifting, and dragging heavy loads.  Self-contained powerpacks can provide the hydraulic power necessary to operate winches in remote locations where no other power source is available.

  2. Cylinders: Hydraulic cylinders are used to generate force in a linear motion.  Self-contained hydraulic powerpacks are used to power hydraulic cylinders in various applications, including lifting heavy machinery, earthmoving, and material handling.

  3. Motors: Hydraulic motors are used to convert hydraulic pressure into rotational force.  Self-contained hydraulic powerpacks can provide the hydraulic power necessary to operate hydraulic motors in a variety of applications, including driving pumps, fans, and other machinery.

  4. Conveyors: Self-contained hydraulic powerpacks are widely used in the conveyor industry.  Conveyors are used to transporting materials from one location to another.  Self-contained powerpacks can provide the hydraulic power necessary to operate conveyor systems in remote areas.

  5. Drill Rigs: Drill rigs are used in the mining and construction industries to drill holes in the ground.  Self-contained hydraulic powerpacks can provide the hydraulic power necessary to operate drill rigs in remote locations where no other power source is available.

  6. Trommels: Trommels are used in the mining industry to separate materials of different sizes.  Self-contained hydraulic powerpacks can provide the hydraulic power necessary to operate trommels in remote locations.

  7. Center Pivot Irrigation: Self-contained hydraulic powerpacks are used in the agriculture industry to power centre pivot irrigation systems.  These systems are used to water crops in a circular pattern.  Self-contained powerpacks can provide the hydraulic power necessary to operate these systems in remote locations.

Self-contained hydraulic powerpacks are an essential tool for powering hydraulic machinery and plant equipment in a variety of industries.  They are versatile, reliable, and can be used in remote locations where no other power source is available.  From winches to drill rigs to centre pivot irrigation, self-contained hydraulic powerpacks are a crucial component of many industrial applications.

The power that Endures, Performance that Prevails!

Unleashing the Unyielding Strength: The Remarkable Durability and Reliability of Self-Contained Hydraulic Power Packs Over 18.5kW

Having a reliable and long-lasting power source is paramount when it comes to heavy-duty industrial applications.  Enter self-contained hydraulic power packs over 18.5kW.  These robust systems are engineered to withstand the harshest environments and deliver unfaltering performance.  In this article, we delve into these power packs’ extraordinary durability and unwavering reliability, exploring the technological advancements that make them indispensable assets in various industries.

Constructed to Withstand the Test of Time – Power Packs that Defy Wear and Tear

This section explores the construction and design elements contributing to the exceptional durability of self-contained hydraulic power packs over 18.5kW.  From high-quality materials to reinforced components, these power packs are engineered to withstand the rigours of demanding industrial environments.  We delve into the structural enhancements, protective coatings, and innovative features that ensure these power packs endure for years of reliable service.

Reliability that Inspires Confidence – Power Packs Engineered for Dependability

Reliability is the cornerstone of self-contained hydraulic power packs over 18.5kW.  In this section, we delve into the design considerations and features that contribute to their unwavering performance.  From precise engineering tolerances to advanced control systems, these power packs are built to deliver consistent and predictable power output.  We explore the redundancy measures, safety features, and quality control protocols that ensure uninterrupted operation even in the most critical applications.

Pushing Boundaries, Breaking Limits – Performance that Exceeds Expectations

Power packs over 18.5kW are engineered to push boundaries and exceed performance expectations.  This section examines how these systems harness their formidable power to drive heavy machinery, operate complex hydraulic systems, and tackle challenging industrial tasks.  We delve into the impressive flow rates, high-pressure capabilities, and adaptable configurations that make these power packs versatile and indispensable in diverse industrial applications.

The Economics of Endurance – Investing in Long-Term Efficiency and Cost Savings

The durability and reliability of self-contained hydraulic power packs over 18.5kW extend beyond their initial performance.  This section discusses the economic benefits of investing in these robust power packs.  We explore how their extended service life, reduced maintenance requirements, and optimised energy consumption contribute to long-term efficiency and cost savings.  We highlight the economic advantages of these enduring power solutions by delving into the life cycle analysis and return on investment considerations.

Self-contained hydraulic power packs over 18.5kW represent a pinnacle of durability and reliability in the industrial world.  These power packs provide the foundation for success in heavy-duty applications through their robust construction, unwavering performance, and economic benefits.  When durability matters and reliability is non-negotiable, these power packs stand tall, ready to power industries and drive progress for years to come.

Power Precision, Fuel Efficiency – Making the Right Choice for Optimal Performance!

Harnessing Power: Comparing Diesel and Electric Self-Contained Hydraulic Power Packs Over 18.5kW

When it comes to selecting the ideal power source for your self-contained hydraulic power pack over 18.5kW, making the right choice is essential.  Two popular options, diesel and electric power, offer unique advantages and considerations.  In this article, we delve into the intricacies of these power sources, comparing their performance, fuel efficiency, environmental impact, and versatility.  By understanding the nuances of diesel and electric power, you can make an informed decision that maximises the potential of your hydraulic system.

Diesel Power Packs – Robust Performance and Versatility – Powerhouse Performance on the Go

Diesel power packs offer a combination of robust performance and versatility, making them a popular choice for various applications.  These power packs are known for their ability to deliver exceptional power and performance, earning them the reputation of being powerhouses on the go.

One of the primary advantages of diesel power packs is their ability to generate high torque levels, making them well-suited for applications requiring substantial force.  Whether powering heavy machinery, operating hydraulic systems with high-pressure requirements, or driving equipment in remote locations, diesel power packs provide the necessary performance.

The versatility of diesel power packs lies in their ability to operate in diverse environments and applications.  Their reliable performance makes them suitable for various industrial sectors, including construction, mining, agriculture, and marine industries.  These power packs can be deployed in challenging conditions, such as extreme temperatures, rugged terrains, or areas with limited access to electricity.

In addition to their robust performance, diesel power packs offer other practical benefits.  They typically have longer runtimes due to the higher energy density of diesel fuel, reducing the need for frequent refuelling.  Moreover, diesel power packs require less maintenance than other power sources, contributing to their reliability and cost-effectiveness.

However, it’s essential to consider certain aspects when using diesel power packs.  Fuel availability should be considered, especially in remote locations or areas where obtaining diesel fuel may pose logistical challenges.  Noise levels can also be higher than electric power packs, which might be considered in noise-sensitive environments.

Diesel power packs stand out for their robust performance, versatility, and ability to provide reliable power in demanding applications.  Their combination of power and mobility makes them an ideal choice for industries where high performance on the go is a priority.

Electric Power Packs – Efficiency and Environmental Considerations – Silent Powerhouses of the Future

Electric power packs offer a compelling alternative to traditional power sources, with a focus on efficiency and environmental considerations.  These power packs are often regarded as the silent powerhouses of the future due to their reduced noise levels and environmentally-friendly characteristics.

One of the key advantages of electric power packs is their high efficiency.  They convert electrical energy into hydraulic power with remarkable precision, minimizing energy losses and optimizing overall performance.  This efficiency translates into cost savings and reduced operational expenses, making electric power packs an attractive option for businesses looking to improve their bottom line.

Environmental considerations play a significant role in the growing popularity of electric power packs.  These power packs produce zero emissions at the point of use, contributing to cleaner air quality and reduced carbon footprint.  With increasing emphasis on sustainability and environmental regulations, electric power packs align with the global shift towards greener technologies, making them an environmentally responsible choice.

Another notable feature of electric power packs is their quiet operation.  Electric power packs generate significantly lower noise levels than diesel power packs, making them suitable for noise-sensitive environments.  This characteristic allows for improved working conditions, enhanced communication on job sites, and reduced noise pollution in surrounding areas.

Additionally, electric power packs offer versatility in integration with renewable energy sources.  They can be seamlessly powered by various renewable energy systems, such as solar or wind, further reducing dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels.  This adaptability positions electric power packs as a sustainable solution for companies striving to transition to cleaner energy alternatives.

However, it’s essential to consider certain factors when utilizing electric power packs.  Access to a reliable power supply is crucial, as electric power packs depend on a stable electrical source.  Infrastructure requirements, such as charging stations or access to electricity, should be considered during the planning stages to ensure seamless operation.

In conclusion, electric power packs combine efficiency, environmental friendliness, and reduced noise levels to establish themselves as the silent powerhouses of the future.  With their emphasis on cost savings, sustainability, and adaptability to renewable energy sources, electric power packs present a compelling option for industries looking to enhance efficiency while reducing their environmental impact.  As the world embraces greener technologies, electric power packs are at the forefront of powering a more sustainable future.

Making an Informed Decision – Matching Power to Performance Requirements

In this section, we compare the key factors to consider when selecting between diesel and electric power packs over 18.5kW.  We discuss the application-specific requirements, including power demands, duty cycles, operating conditions, and budget constraints.  By analysing the performance expectations, cost-effectiveness, and long-term operational considerations, we provide a framework for making an informed decision that aligns with your unique needs and maximises the potential of your hydraulic system.

Embracing Flexibility: Hybrid Power Pack Solutions – The Best of Both Worlds

For those seeking the ultimate combination of performance and efficiency, hybrid power packs present a compelling option.  This section explores the emerging trend of hybrid solutions that combine diesel and electric power, offering flexibility, fuel savings, and reduced environmental impact.  We discuss the benefits, challenges, and considerations associated with hybrid power packs, shedding light on their potential to revolutionise self-contained hydraulic power systems over 18.5kW.

Choosing the right power source for your self-contained hydraulic power pack over 18.5kW is a crucial decision that impacts performance, efficiency, and environmental considerations.  By understanding the strengths and considerations of diesel and electric power and exploring the potential of hybrid solutions, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your specific requirements.  Whether it’s the robust versatility of diesel power or the efficiency and environmental benefits of electric power, the right power source will empower your hydraulic system for optimal performance and long-term success.

Safety First, Power Unleashed – Protecting Personnel, Preserving Performance!

Safety Considerations: Safeguarding Operations with Self-Contained Hydraulic Power Packs Over 18.5kW

Safety is paramount when it comes to operating self-contained hydraulic power packs over 18.5kW.  These robust systems require meticulous attention to safety considerations to ensure secure operations and protect both personnel and equipment.  This blog delves into the critical safety measures and protocols necessary to safeguard operations with self-contained hydraulic power packs.  From pressure relief valves and temperature sensors to emergency shut-off devices and operator training, we explore the comprehensive safety framework that ensures reliable and secure performance in the face of immense power.

Pressure Relief Valves – Safeguarding Against Excessive Pressure – Maintaining Control, Preventing Catastrophe

This section delves into the significance of pressure relief valves in self-contained hydraulic power packs over 18.5kW.  These vital components are pivotal in limiting maximum pressure within the system, preventing potential overloads that could lead to equipment damage or accidents.  By exploring the principles behind pressure relief valves and their installation and maintenance considerations, we highlight the critical importance of these valves in maintaining control and preventing catastrophic failures.

Temperature Sensors – Early Warning for Overheating Prevention – Detecting Danger, Preserving Performance

Temperature sensors within self-contained hydraulic power packs play a crucial role in ensuring secure operations.  This section discusses the significance of temperature sensors and their role in monitoring hydraulic fluid temperature.  By warning operators of potential overheating issues, these sensors enable operators to take preventive measures to avoid system failures.  We delve into the benefits of temperature monitoring, proper sensor placement, and the importance of regular maintenance to preserve performance and protect the power pack from temperature-related risks.

Filtration Systems – Protecting Components, Preserving Longevity – Maintaining Purity, Mitigating Risks

Effective filtration systems are essential for the safe and reliable operation of self-contained hydraulic power packs.  This section explores the importance of proper filtration and its role in removing contaminants from the hydraulic fluid.  By discussing the significance of regular maintenance, filter replacements, and adhering to recommended filtration standards, we emphasise the criticality of these systems in safeguarding the integrity of the hydraulic components and preserving the longevity of the power pack.

Emergency Shut-Off Devices and Operator Training – Empowering Safety Consciousness – Reacting Swiftly, Ensuring Preparedness

Emergency shut-off devices and comprehensive operator training are integral components of secure operations with self-contained hydraulic power packs.  This section discusses the importance of clearly marked emergency shut-off switches or buttons, enabling operators to quickly turn off the power pack in emergencies.  Additionally, we emphasise the significance of regular operator training, encompassing safe operating procedures, equipment familiarity, and hazard recognition.  By highlighting the synergy between emergency shut-off devices and well-trained operators, we empower safety consciousness and ensure paramount when operating self-contained hydraulic power packs over 18.5kW.  Secure operations are achieved by highlighting the synergy between emergency shut-off devices and well-trained operators, pressure relief valves, temperature sensors, effective filtration systems, emergency shut-off devices, and comprehensive operator training.  This comprehensive safety framework minimises risks, protects personnel, and optimises the performance of self-contained hydraulic power packs.  With a steadfast commitment to safety, operators unleash the full potential of power while ensuring the utmost protection and reliability.

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Self-Contained Hydraulic Power Pack Units – Over 18.5kW