Hoisting, Lifting & Hauling Winches

High Quality Heavy Duty Electric or Hydraulic Hoist Winches, Lifting Winches and Hauling Winches.

Cable Handling equipment

Cable Handling & Hauling Equipment Specifically Designed Industrial Cable Hauling Contractors.


Self-Contained Electric, Diesel or Petrol Powered Hydraulic Power Packs to Suit a Range of Hydraulic Applications.

Oceanographic Winches

Specialised Custom Oceanographic Winches, Capable of Operation in Depths of up to 15,000 metres.


Dredges, Booster Pumps, Dredge Cutters, Winches and Supporting Equipment for the Dredging Industry.

In Stock

We keep a range of our most popular products in stock and ready for immediate delivery to any location.

Extensive Manufacturing Experience

Neumann Equipment is an Australian owned and operated equipment manufacturing company based in Queensland, Australia. We have a long history of designing and manufacturing customised innovative solutions for Commercial Fishing, Dredging, Marine, Mining and Industrial Companies for National and International clients.

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With decades of industrial design and manufacturing experience, our highly qualified team of expert technicians have garnered a reputation for quality, professionalism, and high industry standards.

History Dredging
Neumann Equipment manufactured its first Cutter Suction Dredge in 1948.
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Manufacturing Innovative Equipment to meet your requirements.

Custom Equipment Solutions

Neumann Equipment is a Leading Australian Manufacturer of custom made specialised equipment, including:

      • Hoisting Winches, Lifting Winches and Hauling Winches for Mining, Industrial and Marine Applications,
      • Cable Handling Equipment – custom made for Cable Hauling Contractors,
      • Diesel Hydraulic Powerpacks and Electric Hydraulic Powerpacks,
      • Oceanographic Winches for a range of applications, and,
      • Dredging Equipment – Dredges, Booster Pumps and Dredge Cutters.

Innovative Engineering

Neumann Equipment’s engineering innovation and technical expertise have provided the complete equipment solution for countless satisfied customers. Our focus is to deliver the right high-quality product to exactly suit all your requirements at a competitive price.

Because we control the equipment design and build processes in house, we are in a unique position to deliver timely innovations and the flexibility to meet project challenges as they arise.

Design Image Ryan
Inhouse design and manufacture of innovative equipment.
We have a highly experienced team of qualified professionals.

Our Services

Neumann Equipment has an exceptionally experienced team of professionals, providing custom solutions for engineering, design, fabrication, machine shop, manufacturing, sandblasting and industrial spray-painting services for clients around the globe.

Engineering, Design, Fabrication, Manufacturing, Hydraulics, Repairs and Refurbishment, Industrial Coatings and Spare Parts are all together in one place, truly your one-stop shop for high-quality Australian made custom equipment.

Reliable and Dependable

Neumann Equipment has been in the industry for over 50 years, during which time many have tried and failed. There are good reasons for Neumann Equipments’ success:

      • We are part of a large and very successful Family Group of Companies,
      • We innovate,
      • We finish what we start,
      • We work with our clients, and
      • We are unique.

We Solve . We Innovate . We Deliver

You can depend upon for reliable equipment and after sales service.
Diesel Hydraulic Capstan Winch Unit on a Trailer
Customised Cable Handling Equipment - Built Tough, Designed to Last!

Rockcrush and Jaden Equipment

Neumann Equipment also manufactures the highly regarded Jaden and Rockcrush range of dredges and winch related components/products. These brands are an integral part of some of the country’s largest marine, civil and mining projects to date.

When looking for Cable Handling Equipment, Hydraulic Powerpacks, Winches or Dredging Equipment manufactured by an Australian owned company, you cannot go past Neumann Equipment.

We have achieved over 50 years of tried and tested engineered solutions.


Quality Management System

Neumann Equipment has a comprehensive Quality Management System in place that fully conforms to AS/ANZ ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems. 

Manufacturing high-quality products are achieved through our detailed planning, implementation, testing, and review processes, enabling our team to consistently demonstrate a high level of quality on all our manufacturing projects.

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100% Australian Owned

Leading Australian Equipment Manufacturer

Australian Made and Owned Logo
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Neumann Equipment has built a reputation for completing complex projects using engineering expertise, innovative ideas, and cost-effective solutions to overcome the challenges. Our focus is to provide a high-quality product at the most competitive price.

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The health and safety of our employees and end-users is a core value for the company, and we strive to achieve zero harm through our policies and practices. In addition, we have a safety management system to ensure the safety of workers and all concerned.

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We have a comprehensive Quality Management System in place, enabling us to deliver quality equipment and service, a high priority for the company and all its clients. Neumann Equipment’s Quality Management System is fully certified to ISO 9001:2015.

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We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint through all of our policies and practices. For example, our environmental management policy requires that all of our employees identify and manage environmental risks and opportunities.

Designing and Manufacturing Specialised Equipment Solutions for:

And Many More...

Featured Equipment Manufacturing Projects

Karearea Fishing Vessel Winches

Neumann Equipment designed and manufactured all the winches and associated equipment required on the Karearea fishing vessel.

Jacks Diesel Hydraulic Winches

Neumann Equipment designed and manufactured diesel hydraulic winch units for Jacks Winches, a leading supplier of winching equipment.

Oceanographic Winches

Neumann Equipment has designed and manufactured two special self-contained oceanographic winches for Sonartech.

300mm Cutter Suction Dredge

Neumann Equipment manufactured another Nu Explorer Series 300mm Cutter Suction Dredge at their Manufacturing Facility in Currumbin for Neumann Dredging.

Customer Testimonials

Series 120 Dredge Cutter Chute

“Many thanks; we appreciate the urgency placed on this request and look forward to receiving the unit.”


2 Tonne Hydraulic Lifting Winch

“We appreciate the effort you and the team at Neumann have put in to get this across the line before Christmas. Best wishes for the new year from the team here at Echo.”


Cable Storage Winch and Powerpack

“Looks awesome… Cheers Again for all your help; you have been a pleasure to deal with.”


Harrow Winches on a Mine Site

“Just wanted to send my thanks to you and your team for running the testing of winches yesterday. It was very professional. It was great to see them in action, especially after all the hard work everyone has put into this project. The winches look great, and I am sure the team on site will be looking forward to getting them installed.”


EIS Diesel Hydraulic Capstan Winch Unit

“We have had everyone from Ausconnex come to the site to have a look at the winch as well as Lend Lease people as we have beat all previous records with them for cable installation works; a big surprise to them is the screen showing weight and distance which we were told no other contractor has, they have a pressure gauge which you convert into weight. So hats off to everyone for this machine; it has done what we wanted and moved us to another level with our client; we even had the comment today, “would you look at getting another machine to increase capacity for cable installation” which blew my socks off to be quite frank.”


Series 15 Jaden Dredge Cutter

“They only got just going a couple of hours ago. We are still sorting out our manoeuvring technique, but the cutter is working well, and we have not had any blockages, i.e. the sticks are being broken up by the cutter, which was the reason for adding it. I am happy with the purchase.”


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