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Four In Five Believe Buying Australian-Made Is Important

According to recent Roy Morgan Research data, more than four in five (86%) Australians value purchasing Australian-made items. 

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Most Australians (67%) said they ‘often’ or ‘always’ buy Australian-Made items because they support local employment and the economy, followed by the quality or reliability of Australian-made products. Over one-third, (35%) of Australians said they bought more Australian-made items today than before the pandemic.

The study also discovered that purchasing Australian items made customers feel good. The Australian Made emblem is recognised by nearly all (99%) Australians aged 18 and over, making it Australia’s most well-known certification mark. There is also a high level of trust in the Australian Made logo. 93% of Australians believe items bearing the logo are manufactured or farmed in Australia.

People generally feel good about being able to support Australian jobs, with ethical standards being a big reason Australians feel good about buying Australian-made, particularly among those under 35.

Customers trust the Australian Made mark because they know the items bearing it is manufactured in Australia and are believed to be high quality, safe, and dependable.

Australians trust the emblem because it is well-known and has a long history of representing the country. They believe the items bearing the symbol have been independently confirmed as truly Australian-made. According to Roy Morgan’s continuing Risk Monitor, the Australian Made logo’s high degree of trust compares favourably to other certification marks and the most trusted brands in Australia, which measures the trust and distrust of roughly 1,000 businesses each year.

Consumers connected the Australian Made mark with the following characteristics: supporting local jobs and employment (97%), safe (94%), high quality (94%), dependable (93%), use of ethical labour (90%), good value (85%), sustainable (80%), pricey (80%), and environmentally friendly (80%).

According to Australian Made Chief Executive Ben Lazzaro, the recent findings are pleasant but not surprising since the Australian Made mark has long been considered Australia’s most recognised, trusted, and respected country of origin emblem.

The Australian Made emblem has a proven 35-year track record of forging the “Australian connection,” with an increasing number of firms using it to showcase their Australian credentials. About 4400 firms have been granted permission to use the mark on thousands of goods sold in the United States and worldwide.

When you buy Australian Made and Grown items, you know exactly what you’re getting: products grown in our clean, green environment and manufactured to the highest standards. Simultaneously, you are injecting money back into the economy, which helps to maintain Australian employment, boost local industries, and support local communities.

Therefore, whether you’re doing your weekly supermarket shopping, shopping for presents online, or looking for supplies for a big project, search for the trusted Australian Made emblem and ensure it’s really Australian. 
Neumann Equipment is proudly Australian and has been authorised to display the Australian Made label on its goods through a lengthy and demanding procedure. Neumann Equipment sells Australian-made cable drum stands, winches, capstans, quick hitch capstans, self-contained diesel-powered hydraulic winches, and self-contained power pack units to customers.

Customers may also visit, Australia’s largest online database of genuine Australian items.


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