Quick Hitch Capstan Winches

Quick Hitch Capstan Winches

Engineering Product Development

Experience the power of Neumann Equipment, the ultimate destination for top-notch, game-changing quick hitch capstan winches.  Whether you’re operating an excavator, backhoe, or bobcat, our cutting-edge winches are meticulously designed to fit seamlessly with your equipment.  They are an indispensable tool for electrical contractors, effortlessly pulling cables through conduits with unmatched precision and efficiency.  Don’t settle for anything less than the best

Product Development Process

At Neumann Equipment, we take pride in crafting exceptional Quick Hitch Capstan Winches tailored to meet the needs of various industrial equipment, including excavators, backhoes, and bobcats.

But what sets our products apart is the meticulous fabrication process that ensures unparalleled durability.  Before reaching your hands, each winch carefully constructs its steel plate housing.

We use a top, pressing plate that is a robust 16mm thick, made from MS GR 250 (Mild Steel Grade 250).  This high-grade steel possesses medium strength and is commonly employed in critical structures like high-rise buildings and bridges.  Its remarkable strength, formability, and weldability make it the go-to choice for steel fabrication.  With thickness options ranging from 3mm to a whopping 300mm, Grade 250 steel guarantees the utmost reliability.

When you choose Neumann Equipment, you’re not only selecting a top-tier winch but also investing in the unmatched craftsmanship and quality that comes from our dedication to excellence.  Experience the difference with Neumann Equipment and elevate your industrial operations to new heights.

1.  Designed to Fit Various Machines

Neumann Equipment’s quick hitch capstan winches offer a crucial advantage: versatility.  These winches are expertly designed to seamlessly fit a variety of equipment, such as excavators, backhoes, and bobcats.  This level of adaptability empowers electrical contractors with the flexibility they need to tackle diverse tasks on the job site.  With Neumann Equipment, you can confidently navigate any project, knowing that our winches are built to deliver exceptional performance across different equipment types.

2.  Built Tough and Designed to Last

Neumann Equipment goes the extra mile to ensure the quality of their quick hitch capstan winch designs.  By implementing Finite Element Analysis (FEA), they meticulously verify their winches, guaranteeing they meet industry standards and can withstand even the most demanding job site conditions.

When it comes to durability, Neumann Equipment’s quick hitch capstan winches are in a league of their own.  Built tough and engineered to last, they are specifically crafted to thrive in rugged environments.  With years of dependable service in their DNA, these winches prove to be an outstanding investment for contractors seeking a reliable and efficient tool for cable pulling.  Rest assured, with Neumann Equipment, you’re equipped with a solution that can easily conquer any challenge.

3. Features

Here are the key features of Neumann Equipment’s quick hitch capstan winches:

    • Standard line pulls available in 2, 3, and 4 tonnes,
    • Capstans are precision-machined from billet aluminium, with a standard size of 155mm in diameter,
    • Equipped with a reliable Geroller-style hydraulic motor,
    • Built with sturdy carbon steel fabrication,
    • Offers a maximum line speed of 15 meters per minute for efficient operations,
    • All steelwork undergoes a thorough process: grit blasting, priming with two-pack epoxy primer, and finishing with heavy-duty, two-pack epoxy polyamine industrial coatings,
    • Comes with an operation and maintenance manual for ease of use and upkeep.

Neumann Equipment’s quick hitch capstan winches combine robust construction, precise engineering, and convenient maintenance to provide contractors with a powerful and reliable tool for their cable-pulling needs.

4. Available Options

    • Pressure gauge with calibrated kN/kg bezel for precise line pull indication,
    • Optional capstan sizes: 125mm, 175mm, 200mm, 250mm, and 300mm diameters.  Please note that changing the capstan diameter will affect your maximum line pull, capstan speed, line speed, and required oil flow,
    • Quick hitch mounting bracket specifically designed to fit your excavator, backhoe, or bobcat,
    • Port-mounted crossline relief manifold to prevent overpressure conditions,
    • Seamless fitment to your excavator, backhoe, or bobcat,
    • Custom paintwork is available to match the colour scheme of your excavator, backhoe, or bobcat.
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