Diesel/Electro Hydraulic Winch Unit

Heavy Duty Self-Powered Winch Units – Up to 20 Tonne.


Diesel/Electro Hydraulic Winch Unit
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Self-Contained Diesel/Electro-Hydraulic Winch Units

Neumann Equipment self-contained diesel/electro-hydraulic winch units are specifically designed for hauling applications allowing the unit to be used independent of external power sources.  They are manufactured from high quality components and will provide years of dependable service.

The self-contained winch unit package consists of a:

  • Hydraulically driven winch.
  • Diesel/electro-hydraulic powerpack.
  • Skid mounting frame.

These self-contained winching units offer both variable winching speeds.  All models can be optioned with a level wind to suit the specific rope diameter fitted to the winch

All of our diesel hydraulic winch unit designs are verified using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), manufactured and tested to meet industry standards. They are Built Tough and Designed to Last!

The following photos of diesel hydraulic winch units have been provided for reference of our capabilities and excellence. 

Standard Inclusions:

  • Diesel/electro-hydraulic power pack.
  • Fully Integrated proportional hydraulic control system.
  • Integrated hydraulic air blast cooler allowing for high duty cycle.
  • Fully lockable power pack unit.
  • Fuel capacity capable of 8 hours of typical usage.
  • Standard winch units of 4, 6 and 10 tonnes.
  • Variable speed operation.
  • Wireless pendant control.
  • Winch base and drum are fabricated from carbon steel.
  • All components are grit blasted and primed with two-pack epoxy primer, and finished with heavy-duty two-pack epoxy polyamine coatings.

Available Options:

  • Line pull options up to 20 tonnes.
  • Live monitoring of distance and tension.
  • Data logging with USB export options and remote login.
  • Guarding to suit specific site requirements.
  • Standard rope capacity 1000 meters. Can be designed to store increased capacities.

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Diesel Hydraulic Winch Units Examples

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Examples Of Diesel Hydraulic Winch Units that we have previously manufactured

The images, drawings and specifications shown for this product are indicative and may not be representative of the current models or configurations.  We reserve the right to change the designs and specifications as new models are developed.  Neumann Equipment is constantly striving to improve its range of products.  Call our expert sales and customer service team to discuss the best product to suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can custom-design and manufacture a self contained winch to meet your requirements.

Absolutely, All our diesel hydraulic winch units have been FEA designed by qualified engineers, manufactured and then tested to meet the relevant industry standards

Yes!  One of our expert team members can give you advice.  Don’t hesitate to contact us, we ask you about your requirements and we will make sure you get the right diesel hydraulic winch to meet your needs.

Absolutely, we ship our console capstan winches to anywhere in the world.

No, not normally.  Even though we have the 3 standard units, all of our diesel hydraulic winch unit are custom designed to exactly meet your requirements and the relevant industry standards.  

Yes, we often have made units with protective lifting frames that are compliant for use on mine sites.

Neumann Equipment can provide you with a high quality diesel hydraulic winch unit to meet your needs. We can design and manufacture a self-contained winch unit with line pulls of up to 50 tonnes. We have provided a very wide range of practical solutions for many clients all around the globe.

The design and engineering of all our diesel hydraulic winch units are carried out in house by qualified mechanical engineers using our FEA computer modelling software.

When purchasing a diesel hydraulic winch unit, you can feel confident in Neumann Equipment designed and manufactured products. From the receipt of order though to the dispatch, our internal Quality Assurance Systems fully comply with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008.

Each diesel hydraulic winch unit is designed and manufactured at the Neumann Equipment facility in Currumbin, on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

When you are next in the market for a diesel hydraulic winch units you cannot go past the range of options we offer for our Australian designed and manufactured self-contained winch products.

Contact our experienced Sales, Service and Spare Parts team to discuss your winching requirements.

Special Features and Options:

Pendant Control

All winch units feature an easy to use, tethered/wireless pendant control, which gives you versatility, reliability and increased productivity. Compared to conventional lever operated manual control systems, pendant controls provide many benefits:

  • OPERATOR MOBILITY – The operator can move more freely because pendant controls enable operator to move around machine.
  • IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY – Allows operator to position loads accurately and quickly. The housing of the pendant switch permits operators to work in a natural, comfortable posture. Easy, fatigue-free operation thanks to the ergonomic design.
  • IMPROVED SAFETY – Allows operation from a safer location, eliminates visual restrictions, and operator can concentrate more fully on the loading process. Enables the electrical control to incorporate many safety features preventing injuries and abuse of machinery.
  • SAVES TIME AND MANPOWER – Allows operator to assist, when needed, in slinging loads. The controls are designed to withstand a lifetime of abuse, either indoors or outdoors.

Base Frame

Each Base Frame features:

  • Designed to fully accommodate the powerpack unit and winch drum assembly.
  • Heavy duty construction, designed to withstand all the associated dynamic forces of an operational winch without the additional support of external structures.
  • Appropriately designed securing points to secure the winch during operations.Appropriately positioned holes in base to bolt structure down.
  • The frame can be secured via chains, bolts, counter weight etc.
  • Appropriately designed lifting eyes in each corner.
  • Fork lift tyne slots for lifting.
  • Appropriately designed central lift position.
  • Bunding is built into the base of the unit.

Winch Spooling System Options

The spooling systems are designed to reduce the fleet angle of the wire rope and to increase the efficiency of spooling wire onto the drum as well as improve wire rope life. The spooling system options are:

  • OVERHEAD WIRE FEEDER (Available Option on 4 & 6 Tonne Winch Units only) – The mechanism consists of a hydraulic cylinder positioned above the winch drum, spooling and guiding the rope onto the drum via rollers. The hydraulic cylinder is directly controlled by the operator, via directional valve, and the whole mechanism can rotate between 40 degrees above and below the horizontal of a full winch drum. This innovation enables operators to load rope onto drums without having to feed it through spooling devices. Rope may be spooled off in freewheel without the drag of a spooling device when the mechanism is raised.
  • OUT FRONT CYLINDER WIRE GUIDE (Available Option on all Winch Units) – Spooling is achieved by feeding the rope through a guide cage attached to a hydraulic cylinder mounted directly to the front of the winch drum. The hydraulic cylinder is directly controlled by the operator, via directional valve.
  • ARCHIMEDES SCREW (Available Option on all Winch Units) – The guide cage consisting of rollers is automatically driven across the face of the winch drum by the Archimedes screw, which in turn is driven via sprocket and chain from the main drum shaft. The position of the cage can be manually changed via a hand wheel which is situated at one end of the screw.

Capstan Options

To increase the versatility of the Diesel Hydraulic Winch range the winches may be fitted with Capstan Drums, which enable operational staff to pull rope external to the winch drum assembly. The inclusion of a capstan head onto the basic winch offers the following advantages:-

  • The capstan does not limit the length of cable the drum will hold, or the length of the pull.
  • The Pulling power decreases on the standard cable drum as it accepts more cable, while the capstan winch pulls at a constant rate.
  • It is not a requirement to run the winch to take up the slack in the rope. Rope is very quickly pulled through by hand.
  • It is not necessary to pay out to let out cable. By dropping the rope off the drum, rope is quickly fed back.
  • The pulling tension can be varied by controlling back tension, “feathering.”

The additional benefits of handling rope as well as cable:-

  • Rope is flexible and lightweight.
  • Rope can be spliced if it breaks.
  • Rope is less dangerous if it breaks and snaps back.

Optional Capstan Tension and Distance Counter – By adding the additional sheave wheel assembly to the capstan the operational staff are able to monitor the rope tension, set a visual alarm for maximum tension and monitor the rope length pulled. This feature can be seen on the image below.

Capstan Sizes: All optional capstans are 200m diameter waist size.

Tension & Distance Monitoring Options

The electronic data logging and counters are only available with the out front cylinder, Archimedes screw wire guide options and capstan monitoring option.

  • DISTANCE DISPLAY KIT – Distance is displayed on an LED meter offering simple field setup and programming. The meter is visible to operator and information obtained from a sheave wheel attached to the guide system.
  • TENSION DISPLAY KIT – Line Tension is displayed on an LED meter offering simple field setup and programming. The meter is visible to operator and information obtained from a sheave wheel pin attached to the guide system.
  • DATA LOGGER KIT – The information gathered from the Tension and Distance display meters can be logged. Logging is done in real time monitoring and the information can be used to generate virtually unlimited data sets for statistical analysis and record keeping.
  • PLC TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY KIT – The data captured for Tension and Distance display is presented on a colour touch screen. The screen is presented in 3 views.
  • VIEW 1. (OPERATING SCREEN) Distance pulled; Line Tension; Line Speed; Max Tension Setpoint; Distance Setpoint; Tension Setpoint.
  • VIEW 2. (DISTANCE SETUP) Set alarm points; Set & reset buttons.
  • VIEW 3. (TENSION SETUP) Set Max tension; Set & reset buttons.

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Diesel/Electro Hydraulic Winch Unit
Diesel/Electro Hydraulic Winch Unit
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