1 & 5-tonne Cable Drum Stands


1 and 5 Tonne Cable Drum Stands for State-Government-Owned Client

Streamlining Power Supply Operations: Neumann Equipment's Cable Drum Stands Enhance Efficiency and Reliability

In the dynamic energy supply sector, uninterrupted power delivery is crucial for residential, commercial, and institutional buildings.  For a state-government-owned corporation responsible for maintaining infrastructure and resolving power outages, Neumann Equipment’s cable drum stands emerged as the ideal solution.  This blog delves into how our 1-tonne and 5-tonne cable drum stands, equipped with optional manual brakes and forklift pockets, revolutionised their operations.

Enhancing Efficiency and Reliability:
When the state-government-owned corporation sought a dependable partner, they turned to Neumann Equipment.  Recognising their unique requirements, they requested a quote for our 1-tonne and 5-tonne cable drum stands, along with optional manual brakes and forklift pockets.  This bespoke configuration was specifically tailored to streamline their cable handling operations and improve overall efficiency.

Unmatched Durability and Strength:
Neumann Equipment’s cable drum stands are renowned for their exceptional durability and strength.  Built to withstand the rigours of the energy supply sector, these stands provide a stable and secure platform for cable drum storage and transportation.  The robust construction ensures reliable performance, even in the most demanding environments, enabling seamless power restoration and infrastructure maintenance.

Seamless Integration and Customisability:
Understanding the importance of seamless integration, Neumann Equipment worked closely with the client to deliver cable drum stands that met their precise needs.  The optional manual brakes and forklift pockets were included to enhance ease of usage, ensuring efficient handling and precise control during cable deployment.  This customisation provided the client with a tailored solution seamlessly integrated into their existing workflows.

Uncompromising Commitment to Quality:
At Neumann Equipment, we prioritise excellence and adherence to industry standards.  Our cable drum stands undergo rigorous testing, including Finite Element Analysis (FEA), to ensure structural integrity and optimal performance.  With meticulous attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process, we guarantee exceptional quality and reliability, delivering products that surpass expectations.

Neumann Equipment’s cable drum stands have proven to be an indispensable asset for the state-government-owned corporation responsible for powering residential, commercial, educational, and services buildings.  Integrating our 1-tonne and 5-tonne stands, along with optional manual brakes and forklift pockets, has significantly enhanced their cable handling operations.  Trust in Neumann Equipment’s unrivalled expertise and commitment to excellence to elevate your power supply operations and maintain uninterrupted power for the communities you serve.  Explore our range of reliable cable drum stands and revolutionise your cable handling processes today.

Cable Drum Stand Specifications

Model NumberCDST1000CDST5000
Type (Bolted or Welded)BoltedBolted
Maximum Capacity1,000 kg5,000 kg
Suits Drum Widths600-900 mm900-1,250 mm
Maximum Drum Diameter1,300 mm2,050 mm
Spindle Shaft Diameter45 mm80mm
Suits Drum Core Sizes46-120 mm81-120 mm
Frame Width1,300 mm1,820 mm
Frame Length1,066 mm1,550 mm
Height to Centre Line of Shaft744 mm1,168 mm
Weight (standard unit only)78 kg281 kg
Weight (optional forked base)58 kg132 kg
Weight (optional brake)12.5 kg24 kg
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