In October 2015 Neumann Contractors purchased the Rockcrush Intellectual Property.  We now operate as Neumann Equipment from Nuban Street in Currumbin, continuing to manufacture and service the products previously made by Rockcrush and Jaden Engineering as well as providing spare parts for equipment that has reliably served many industries for over 30 years.

Rockcrush Group History - 2009 to 2015

The Rockcrush Group purchased Jaden Engineering in January 2009; initially the core focus was to continue servicing the marinecommercial fishingmining & industrial, and dredging market segments supplying new winches and dredges, hydraulic power packs, repairing and refurbishing existing winch systems and supplying spare parts to all of the products that Jaden Engineering manufactured.

The Rockcrush management team had previous experience with associated fields such as cable handling, quarry machinery and machinery hire industries. The emphasis in the early years was to continue with the core business of Jaden Engineering and then develop a range of products to suit these new market segments. In late 2009 Rockcrush released a range of cable drum stands and cable drum spoolers followed by self-contained diesel hydraulic winches either with drum storage or capstan winch configurations. Also many quarry related products to process the products being delivered by many of the dredges Rockcrush manufactured, following on from dredge manufacturing, bucket wheel systems were designed and built up to 4 meters in diameter.

Neumann Equipment

Neumann Equipment continue to manufacture and service the products previously made by Rockcrush and Jaden Engineering, these products include: